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i have Samsung blu-ray player. player works for a while with netflix, then eventually it gets into a bad state. it stops (freezes) about every 3-5 minutes. to unfreeze, you have to FF or REW. not would not be terrible, however, the regular-speed player and window that you see when you use FF or REW don't agree on where i am in the movie. thus, i hit FF for the shortest possible time, release, it re-buffers and then starts playing at a point 5 minutes EARLIER in the movie. doing a forced reset of the player seems to make the problem go away, at least temporarily.
when i first used netflix, you paid to rent a movie, and you could optionally apply the amount you paid to rent towards the purchase. this was around late summer of 1998. i still have one or two movies purchased this way. the odd thing was that they did not send you the case for the disk - all you got was just the bare disk in a paper envelope.