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Daisy Deadhead
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Well, I am in the middle of a crisis of real faith (can't decide what I believe or don't) and your faithlessness makes me feel better: See, I don't HAVE to come to a conclusion about any of this!Other people have opted out ALTOGETHER! On a somewhat related note: I've now had two atheist relatives die and their obituaries described them as 1) Catholic and 2) Methodist. Say what?! In what universe was this? I was infuriated, but had no say in the matter. But see, now every time I read obits, I wonder if they really WERE whatever religion they are described as being...
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I am currently experiencing many of the same changes you are, and I feel similarly also... not surprisingly, your blog was just linked as "recommended" on mine... and I loved reading this!!!! And all of your links, too. You are certainly a breath of fresh air in a sea of negativity that I have been dealing with (see my Lenten-break post, in which I was roasted and eaten, pardon food imagery)... Glad to make you a regular stop. Keep on keeping on.
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Groundhog Day has passed and my tool bar keeps asking me to buy a groundhog. Lordy, if I was this slack on my job, I'da been fired years ago...
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Jan 30, 2010