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Bonnie Deahl
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Tom, what a lovely account of a special Thanksgiving dinner! It would be hoped that celebrating togetherness and cooking and preparing a nice meal together can be something that goes beyond the boundary of holiday. I could taste each dish as you described it only wishing I could be there at your table. Thank you for sharing.
I have not subscribed for many years but i may want to begin again. Too many cooking mags now so need to rogue out to just my favorites and add Organic Mag...I am intrigued.. Tea leaves would go into the garden as compost around plants. A healthy soil biology exists when we cultivate our soil and mulch around plants with materials that will break down in a timely way and return nutrients to the soil. Sustainability is becoming a new thing nowadays, but has been around for ages...
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2010 on Organic Gardening at Suvir
It does look like the carolinas, especially with the sandy soil, however the trees all look to be deciduous and there are no pines. The Carolinas are full of pines...lots of pines... Could be North Carolina. The oaks along the allee could be many types of oak, so not sure...they are beautiful though. except for the coastal areas Virginia is full of red clay. I could also say Tidewater area of VA.
Organic Gardening magazine...I read this over 20 years ago when I was in high school. Organic gardening has been around for many years. It is now that it is becoming in vogue and coming into its time. How nice to see... I have also seen organic methods permeate the landscaping and tree care industries too, of which i have been a part for over 20 years. Using compost tea for your trees is now very trendy and so much in the right direction. If you grow your plants, food, trees in horrible soil, then what you get will not be if you grow in healthy soils, then what you get out of it will be... wonderful. I believe in organic gardening. I have compost tea applied to my landscape several times per year and see the results..... Yup, read those magazines. They are inspiration! Bonnie
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2010 on Organic Gardening at Suvir
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Jun 22, 2010