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When I was a little girl, I used to go there, when it was the main Library. I remember being in the large circular room, and the children's bookcases against the wall.
Thank you. I have been battling a blockage and wrote something about it on FB the other day, asking for help from the likes of Patti Digh, Rice, Marianne Kirby and others, who had some pretty good suggestions, but this might be my "out." Why DON'T I pretend I'm someone else, and work a journal for a month? Why not indeed!
I can never get enough of your wonderful drawings. Thank you for sharing.
I fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, grew up being the daughter of a gifted artist, who chose his role models well. (Think Edward Hopper, the Renaissance Artists, Renoir.) Quite a few years back, I watched Itzhak Perlman on a late night talk show, and he was enthusiastically playing a bluegrass/fiddle tune. I realized then, that when one is able to understand how music is made, it is fairly easy to go anyway you want to go with it. A fiddler, who has not had that kind of training would be hard pressed to go to the Met and play as Perlman could. One of the first times I warped a loom, I'd learned warping with an "art" weaver. Not much thought was given to the technical aspects and my weaving, no matter how inspired would not have lasted very long. I then studied with a classical weaver, and was able to make a piece of cloth that could stand the test of time, and realized that now, it was easier to go back, and remove and add aspects of that classical training to construct a piece of textile art, that could also stand the test of time. Color theory is like that.
I beat myself up a lot. Every one who knows me knows that. I do like to go into my work area and sing, "I'm So Pretty!" or "I am So Wonderful (to Me)," really loudly, and on key, actually. My coworkers know I'm nuts, but they also are reassured that I took my pills before coming to work. On top of all that, I had the most important person in my life tell me that I was pretty and wonderful!
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Ohhh, my dog just brought me my copy from the nice FedX fellow who'd wrapped it in a plastic bag. It's beautiful...and I'm really going to read those instructions so I can make it into your next book! I so enjoy you, for so many reasons. Hope to see you in September..with a wee bit of chocolate, and a wee picture of Johnny, in the wee town of Decatur.
Oh dear. I don't know that I need to click on anything to see enlargements of 100 ounces of baby corn and especially a 5 gallon bucket of soy sauce. And geez, a whole pallet load of it? My sodium levels just went nuts. (I know, there were 50 pound bags of nuts, right?)
I really truly love this. So many of my favorite things. I love Craig when he calls me his Chunky Monkey. (Because I know he can see me through that camera...)
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I have looked around here, and your work is BEAUTIFUL! )I'm not trying to influence your choice, by any means, seriously.) And your etsy page, you are such a good human. What a kindness you do by giving twice with each purchase...the piece and then the donation. These are wonderful, thoughtful pieces, and I will be a regular here. And I'm going over to find you on facebook too.
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Oh, gee. Someone else? I've got several friends who've moved their parents into their homes to deal with their Alzheimer's . I relieved a friend for a few hours last night, in fact, so she could get out. But they are the diamond and pearls kind of women. My husband is in jail for a DUI he had last Thanksgiving. He's been unemployed since last December, and he blew through the vast majority of his 401K plan last year. I have had to make arrangements with the IRS, State and County to pay the taxes on that, and it will take at least a couple of years. All of the plumbing under my trailer has failed, and I only cut on the water for about thirty minutes each day, to fill up the toilets and take a cold shower. (I am getting used to the cold showers too, every day since August.) I have a hole in the kitchen floor that I managed to make and step through during our recent spell of rain I'm still kind of sore where I slid down the front porch stairs when one stair broke off, in the rain, when I went to turn the water off after my shower. For some reason, I am fairly happy and optimistic for an Emo kind of woman. I found a beautiful long coat at Goodwill the other day, long, flowing, wool gabardine, for $8.49, and oh my, this necklace would look fabulous.
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I know you have had some difficulties this year, and maybe some self doubt, and all that comes with living. It's almost Thanksgiving, and it's the time of year I try really hard to tell people thanks for helping/loving/inspiring me, and I want you to know how much you mean to me through your blog. I love your photographs and gentle words, and well, just, thank you. I look at the faces of the people who are holding and wearing the products of their class with you. There is pride, happiness, shyness, glee in some instances. I think you must be pretty powerful to help people find those things in themselves. I admire that, and want to be able to bring that to others too. I agree with Janet Roell's post above, "Thanks for being so generous with what you know and who you are." It says it all.