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Dean Skora
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Looks like crumpled aluminum foil I just put into recycling. Someone gonna pay me hundreds of millions for that? Honestly: look at this thing. It looks like recycling. I'm getting sick of self-indulgent "architectural statements" that insist that I have to see a building from a particular angle. As much as I want to support Jeanne Gang, Aqua? From approximately 95% of vantage points, it looks like any balcony-festooned Miami work of condo-loveliness. And who actually makes the trek to "Illinois Center" (ugh) to appreciate that great vantage point (where, to prove the point, Aqua is a heart-breaking, beautiful work)? The debate has to include whether architects are including real-world exposure and experience in their designs. A great architect can make a statement and yet compliment the environment. Gehry is suburban-mall "look at me", SoCal stuff. Boring and predictable -- but in the name of "new". Zephyr66 said it better than I.
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Sep 14, 2011