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excellent test Mark, i'm not surprised on the results to be honest, but kudos to ford for beating the dodge with all its 2013 techno goodies on it they just added. The GM's are very disappointing for a new truck but really not too surprising I guess with there recent history (truly they are not bad just fell short on the older competition) A run of the mill XLT did this well, just enforces on how good/nice a loaded F150 would be compared to the competition. I admit I am impressed with the dodge trucks, but anything Chrysler in the reliability department is non existent right now for me, every time I buy a Chrysler product it has let me down immensely, so for me even if dodge had a superior product to Ford or GM it still not dependable in my opinion and there for not on my shopping list. and WOW people, the whining is sickening, ford rigged the results? really ? mark is bias? come on, any good reporter has to have an open mind and only report the facts, I believe everyone accused Mike of the same thing and I believe he drove a Toyota or something non Ford. If your not happy with the results just simply take all the test data and utilize it for your own interests/uses for the truck that meets your requirements, simple as that.
@tj I think you need to listen to your own advice buddy: " As for the uneducated morons commenting on the GM bailout, ford, toyota and BMW got government bailout cash, but being as stupid as you are you would not know that." there is a difference from companies going bankrupt and getting bailouts to being resuurected then to getting loans and selling off holdings to stay alive (not bankrupt), GM and Chrysler were officially under bankrupcy protection, Ford was never there. Grant you Ford was on that downward spiral but got smart and looked ahead and figured it out to prevent going down too, namely hiring Alan Mulally. As to Toyota and BMW, I won't comment on because I am not sure on what happened with them and I don't want to be one of the uneducated morons you refer too... moral of the story is bailout and loans are 2 different things while bankrupcy and not bankrupt are also 2 different things class is over, move along
judge for yourself, ill take the new car, this is mind blowing, new car = minor knee injury while old car is =dead while the old car is cool and would look good in my garage i think the daily driver would be the malibu
guess that would be vehicle not vechicle, sorry bout my fat fingers haha !
on another note, very cool truck, love what they did, never see it in my garage as I've never been a fan of any of dodge trucks looks except for the current version and the price is way too high for this one, but love these kind of projects. I want to take an early bronco and do this sort of thing with it, modern drivetrain etc
@ DW umm this truck is an old body sitting on a modern Ram truck chasis, how will it hold up better than a brand new truck? its the same thing ??? baffled here. I would rather take a brand new Ram and mod it the same way these guys have and save 120k, but hey maybe I'm nuts? @ TRX4 Tom, your spot on there, unfortunatley modern engineering on vechicles makes them absorb impacts but usually at the cost of the vechicle being a write off, think i'd rather be alive collect my insurance and buy another truck..
@ vulpine thanks for the info, makes sense the way you stated it.
i thought mythbusters said gas savings was untrue? or was it dropping the tail gate to reduce wind drag was a myth, i
@ Mark why do you allow these posts to continue? nothing to do with the topic and its turned into a Oxi vs everyone scrap. I'm pretty sure you have the ability to lock these threads, think Mike has done it before...
congrats johnny doe you are officially more annoying than Bob now ! (probably only because he had disappeared for awhile lol) ...i would be blown away if you said some constructive for a change. I get it your a Chevy guy... as to the video, am i just getting old? but im looking at these guys and thinking where your helmets and roll bars. No doors? if it rolls their arms could get crushed if they are outside the door when it goes over. Their insurance company must be having a heart attack, but when i was a young punk i did crazy shyt like this too.
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all i know is that i would not buy a HD for drag racing, so the chevy gets there a bit quicker, who cares, Ram being the slowest and if it were the best truck i would buy it, I simply just dont care if it takes an extra 1 second to get up to highway speed then so be it. Funny thing is Chevy upgraded their brakes for 2011, for 2010 Ford brakes were just fine, all of a sudden chevy upgrades and Ford brakes are crap, does that mean all Fords are going to have brake failure now? listen to yourselfs ! The only thing i agree on for these tests is the that Ford should take another look at its exhaust brake, it does seem a little behind the other two for sure, but not a deal breaker for me. Before these trucks had exhaust brakes, big caliper brakes, high torque motors, 6 spd trannys, etc etc the older ford,chev,dodge trucks still managed to tow/haul their loads around somehow, Don't recall reading back in the 90's where all the F350 owners were dying from lack of good brakes or no exhaust brake! Some of you guys really need to give your head a shake, come on...
@unclebud "Lots of moving parts to break. What happened to simplicity? Higher fuel economy = more complication = more expensive." you hit the nail on the head here, kudos to Ram on these truly innovative ideas, but i would be worried about the Ram for a minimum a year to let it prove itself, like any new vechicle stay clear of new stuff for the first year, let the guinea pigs troubleshoot all the bugs out and buy in year 2 lol
the start/stop system worries me, would like to learn more on that, the idea behind it definately intriguing, but the wear and tear on the starter, flywheel etc is concerning even though they beefed them up. I was brought up with the idea that starting an engine is the worst thing you can do to it. Driving through the city your engine could be on and off a hundred times? rush hour traffic? . doesnt starting the engine cause a little more fuel to be required to start the engine? I'm not bashing it, just questions i would like to learn more about this system...I guess time will tell
@ziviera "Well, it just happened. Ford is not a leader anymore in my opinion, but RAM. Egoboost won't cut it. Nothing sounds like V8 HEMI." well not to sound rude but no one cares what your opinion is, FACTS is what matters and what is really happening and right now its Ford and it has been for quite some time, numbers don't lie, its great your a Ram fan, knock yourself out, I certainly don't think you will lose out whatever you buy, all 3 trucks are winners.
awesome news here for Ram, but as to the comments about mind blowing and going to blow away ford and Gm I disagree. I simply think Dodge has caught up to Ford and edged passed GM. Loyal GM owners will stay with GM and so on for the other two, there is still the reliability issue for any Chrysler product in my opinion, let the count down begin towards a reliable product ! Prove me wrong Ram I think this will certainly make people in the market for a new truck take a longer look at Ram, well the unbiased people which does account for a large amount of people. Don't forget GM is releasing a new truck and Ford won't sit around twiddling their thumbs - Ford has become and maintained the leadership with alot of hard work and won't sit around and let that go away very easily...
wow the usual heated discussion about who's is bigger lol just alot longer anyways as Matt i think it was said the new Ram is really impressive, i would say they have almost caught up to Ford in terms of features, their interiors are right up there now, the truck is visually appealing now etc the only thing chrylser has to do now is prove reliability, cause it has never been there in my books and alot of other people books. Its actually amazing how people forget these things, they get wowed by the gadgets and looks, I have a long memory and any thing made under chryslers badge is unreliable in my opinion. I'm sorry for you dodge fans but i just cannot forget so easily how crappy their vechicles have been in the last 20 years plus. The transmissions up until recently were famour for dying. I constantly pay attention to anyone i know that owns a crysle forr anything to see if the usual complaints are there or are they improving. My gut is telling me that with all the major advancements lately that the reliability is improved and will continue to improve, i just have my long memory holding me back, who knows maybe after 5 years of the current trucks showing as reliable i might just buy one! For now its Ford all the way. Anyone remember a once popular brand called chevy? are they still alive? come on GM give Ford a run for their money and now you have Ram nipping at your heels. Competition and variety are a good thing
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2012 on 2013 Ram 1500 First Look at PickupTrucks: News
yeah the old Toyotas in the 80's were impressive trucks for sure, the only 2 major complaints for them was the bodies would rust right off the frame and birfields (sp?) would always break on the front diffs. Definately a time and a place for a smaller truck, no arguements here. Not too impressed with the current model Toyota, don't dislike it or like them really, they are just there lol ultimate truck early bronco with 9inch rear, 44 front, 5.0L, dual t-cases, and a manual ! or I would settle with an old CJ jeep with a 5.0L and same set up as the bronco.
well i agree and disagree with alot of comments on here and for the same person lol oxi is right about the old 4 cylinder toy's that are capable but later admits its all about gearing, which is absolutely right, you can put dual t-cases in a truck with a 100 hp 4 banger and out pull a 454 big block as for the illegal stuff, they aren't really illegal, they are just mods, 1 ton springs are just a mod, you can't really have a payload of 1 ton as it will affect the drivetrain too severely on a small truck like a taco, Lou is right in that regard, but Oxi is right on what his intended use is, but he should stop crowing about he can haul a 1 ton payload as to the leaf springs that are flat, some of the older ford have negative arched springs from the factory and they worked just fine! I agree that these 2 trucks are 2 different classes, oxi is right in that the larger truck does have some disadvantages in its weight and size and low hanging differentials, but they make up for in brute force and sheer power, the lightness of a taco can either be good or bad depending on the situation. really think this a apples vs oranges discussion here, price wise the edge goes to raptor imo, for a 6 grand more your getting way more truck out of your money, which could also tow and haul stuff that is way heavier than what the taco could, besides the raptor is just plain COOL!
@SK you may not be a ford or brand X hater but your post came across that way and after reading all these boneheads bicker about mine is better blah blah blah it struck a nerve. Your man step comments made no sense, i would certainly not stop buying Fords(not saying you said that either) because i was worried my man step would get dirt in it, i would either not order it or put poly over it (poly if i only hauled dirt the occasional time) The step in my opinion is sheer genious, its so simple its stupid, if the chevy guys had this innovation on their truck first the ford/ram guys would probably be razzing the chevy guys and so on. Anyways myself and im sure others get sick of the bickering and mine is better attitude, be nice to have posts based on the subject at hand for a change. cheers
bedliners are terrible, all they do is promote rust and destroy the bed of your box -water gets between the metal bed and bedliner and sweats in there causing mega rust, sprayliner is the way to go for sure, if your having the sliding problem over the sprayliner, simply throw a sheet of plywood in the bed of your truck- problem solved. yes SK you are an idiot, if your going to use your truck for hauling dirt or loose materials then dont get the man step or simply put some poly over top to prevent the problem. Lou gave you all the specs on heights so you're wrong there also. I think you should have just simply said I hate Ford and I am a Chevy guy, I am here simply to troll and put down anything that is not GM...sound right? lets use some common sense here people, geesh
im origionally from Vancouver but live in Calgary, wasnt sure on the Fords for sale in BC but when i walk into a Calgary Costco I always see Ford vehicles parked inside with advertising, never gone up to look and see whats it for i just assumed vehicle was for sale, you can see the all the tickets and stuff on the window that show the options. Im not in the market for a new vehicles currently so never bothered to walk up and see what the scoop was, next time I'm in costcos i will take a closer look! ps i'm in for the Ban Bob petition !!!
@ Lou must be a Canadian thing, I much prefer the look of the GMC over the Chevy, both ugly imo, but I could tolerate the GMC's looks if I were to own one.
i missed your link which i just read after posting, looks like states only, my bad
@ Mark Williams is this for the states only (or certain areas of the states?) in Canada well my area (Alberta & BC) you see Ford vechicles for sale in the Costco stores and if you buy a Ford from a Ford dealer and have a valid costco membership Ford will give you another $1000.00 dollars off the vechicle. So i'm curious if this is unique to the states or is Ford out up in Canada or will the GM be sold right next the Ford? enquiring minds want to know! thanks in advance!
can we ban bob and his 30 aliases? awesome truck, if i only had the cash and a wife that wouldnt kill me !