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I am a self-motivated, driven, perfectionist stressball.
Interests: Reading, umm, reading, and more reading. I'm a nerd.
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Mar 15, 2010
Good luck to you too Cynthia! It sounds like you have been waiting longer than I have... I'm right there with you in the "short sale buyers club". Well, I'm in the "short sale waiting club" for now!
Right you are about Mongolian BBQ in Big Bear. I only wish they were still open the last time I was there... Ahh the good old days. Thanks for stopping by!
Hi Sophie- no such luck. We are still in phase two and just found out today that although we were given information that the BPO had been ordered it actually has not. So we have been in phase two for about 45 days now and have had zero progress. Supposedly the escalation that was supposed to occur on the 13th of August has either not happened or has done nothing for us. Go figure!
Good luck CEC- sounds like you have even more time invested in this than we do. Sure hope it works out for you as well- and I know the hardest part is when the kids are uprooted- so I will hope for your sake that it works out quickly so you can get your son in the right school on time!