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Debbie Owen
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I too have been a raw food vegan for 3 yrs and have been off and on for the last year. I learned more from the point of view of Weston E Price Foundation and book Nourishing Traditions, which I've been struggling with. I started being more a vegetarian than a raw food vegan, and gained a lot of weight. I had two miscarriages after falling off the raw food vegan wagon. Ofcourse that could have been a coincidence, but it's possible that a sudden change could have sent my body into fight mode, releasing white blood cells to fight off antigins. Recently, I have finally achieved moderation (eating healthy cooked and raw vegetarian, not vegan food), exercising, and losing weight. Don't get me wrong, I was very happy 100% raw vegan. I felt fantastic! But it was hard to keep it up longterm, pregnant and a mom/housewife. At the height of my weight gain, I decided to go get tested for everything. I'm not a Celiac, no thyroid problems, not a diabetic, everything looked great, but I was Vit D deficient. So I recommend now that, EITHER WAY, you need to supplement. Vitamin D is a must for about 90% of people out there. Especially if you drink raw milk (not fortified). A book on Grains I read recently alerted me that I need Zinc since I eat whole grains (not fortified white grains). So the supplements I take now are V-D, B12, Zinc, probiotics. I would take a multi if I thought I wasn't going to eat healthy enough.
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Feb 7, 2010