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Love that you asked questions with the goal of helping her find her own answers and her own truths! And you created a place of safety for her to explore her right or wrong in this space only exploration with the goal of getting clear so she could move forward.....questions and safety two critical ingredients for learning.
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Amen! And thank you! I do believe those of us who are in the "leadership business" have a tendency to use the models we grew up with in business...and as we know, the business world shifted, and we have not always adapted (I include myself in the "we"). I loved the leadership competencies that you called out for todays business climate that is about speed, quarterly results, and change: -ability to move in and out of new relationships and situations -adept at gaining trust and unifying people I would love to see more conversation on this very relevant for today!
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Great actionable suggestions!
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Nov 22, 2009