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Thank you.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2010 on Masalam at Fidelia's Sisters
Oh, my, how this sounds familiar to friends of mine, and even my own struggle to understand and then accept "women ministers." Thank you for sharing this love letter. And thank you for naming and describing the struggle all women in ministry still have, in defining what the next wave of women in ministry will look like - no longer women who have (appeared to have) rejected femininity or family, but those who are _Women_ Who Are _In_ _Ministry_.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on Defining the Relationship at Fidelia's Sisters
I read this post the day before I saw Alice in Wonderland - the new one, where she is 19 and returning to wonderland. Alice feels like an imposter, and is called an imposter, multiple times. Sometimes I think no matter what I do, I will always feel an imposter in ministry as long as I'm young, and as long as I'm female. Even when I'm claiming my authority, I still have to brace for multiple comments that are surprised I have some. Which doesn't help for owning and claiming that authority. Vicious circle, that I'm not sure my older female ministry partners have figured out either.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2010 on Minister or Fraud? at Fidelia's Sisters
For the count ... Scenario 3 here. :-D
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Ditto! I like/dislike the same features. The items feature on Gowalla is great, and the points and mayorships on Foursquare are a slightly stronger draw, IF I had to choose. But since I don't, I'll continue to be the laughingstock of my fam who refuses to play.
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Thank you! I too, was reflecting a lot on this - keeping covenant, keeping promises - in light of Conan/Leno/NBC. And sided with Team Conan for the same reasons. I think many people who have lost jobs in the last 2 years might relate too.
What I love about ministry - planning worship and feeling the Spirit move in worship (often times in places I didn't plan!) and finding the colleagues, like at TYCWP who get excited about liturgy, and about the privilege of being with a family during the death of a loved one, who care about justice and equality, and just love everything we discover about God and each other through Bible study.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on Handmade Stole GIVEAWAY!!! at Fidelia's Sisters
I really appreciated the honesty of the author writing about the painful call process (a 2-part story), and the one on Clergy Women and Infertility.
Thank you for this! I have similar experiences in my swims, or on the bike at the Y. Maybe it's the blood coursing, and the time given to love myself and not just other people, that turns me to prayer too. I do believe prayer was always meant to be physical. After all, we are bodies and spirits, yes? Thanks again!
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2009 on Cardio Church at Fidelia's Sisters
Wow, it feels good not to be alone in this decision, so much that another couple with one a "female pastor" (giggle) knows the questions and nods given by parishioners. We've been married almost 13 years and have not felt God's call to be parents, for all sorts of reasons, including physical health and 'selfish' desires. And then the decision became permanent with a rather sudden hysterectomy last year, at age 32. And though we thought we'd adopt anyway, if God called us to parents, now that is the only option and the questions about when we're gonna have kids still rather hurts. It seems that God has asked the two of us to be family, just as we are, for the foreseeable future. THANK you for this reminder that God does make different families at various times in our lives, and that we still hear biological and life-stage clocks ticking!
Hmmm...sadly sounding too much like my own terrible and frightening experiences with my presbytery (fortunately home church was supportive). I'm sorry this happened to you too.
Thank you! That's exactly why I watch too! I refused for several seasons because I expected the show to be as exploitive as most of the other reality shows on tv, but I stand corrected! Can't wait for the next season
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2009 on So You Think You Can... Dance? at Fidelia's Sisters
I'm in too!
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