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Deborah Quiri
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I have been following your Yoga exploration and have determined that the exercising I have been doing is only hurting me in the long run. Yes, my weight is under control. Yes, I have good muscle tone. But I'm always in pain. The only time I feel good is when I do the yoga portion of the plan. So, with you as my inspiration, I have been exploring yoga more. I do not have access to Bikram, but found some programs and have decided to go 100% yoga. Now my own exploration begins. Namaste.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2010 on What is YOUR problem? at Another Day Goes By
THAT'S IT!!! That's my problem!!! I keep waiting for things to "settle down". Every Sunday night I anticipate a new week and think, "Ok, I'm going to get organized" or "I'm going to committ to my workouts" or "I'm going to follow my healthy eating plan"...But I think what my problem is, is that I feel all over the place because I have no ROUTINE!! I DO follow my healthy eating plan, I DO workout, I DO organize. But I don't feel like I do. There's no routine to my life and I don't feel grounded. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks! Now I just gotta DO something about it. So today, as another day goes by, I am glad you have written! :)
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Oct 19, 2010
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