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Great post and very insightful. It really reminded me of a book I recently read called “9 Realities Of Caring For An Elderly Parent” by Stefania Shaffer( The book is a personalized look at what the author had to go through when moving in with her estranged mother during her final years and all the problems she faced and the best way to remedy them. Here is a woman who hadn't even spoken to her mother in years but when the time came to take action she was there looking after her (forgiving her). It makes one re-consider petty family argument and leaves a strong, positive example of how to unite, or re-unite family, despite improbable odds and conditions. She covers organizing doctor visits and keeping on top of medication; financial planning; nutrition; physical therapy; and even family dynamics during such a trying time.. This book covers everything in a really moving and inspiring way. I can't recommend it enough. Thanks again!
I am always looking for new and interesting memoirs. Thank you so much for sharing this list with your readers. I think it's really smart to give a feel for these memoirs by their first and last sentence! I look forward to checking these out. My memoir recommendation has to be "Real Men Wear Beige" by author Don Alfredano ( The author had a life changing experience after being arrested at JFK airport and spending time at Rikers Island and his local county jail. This book is an eye-opening look at prison life for men and the justice system. I would like to share a couple of sentences from the first chapter of the book - It was a cold winter circa 2004. It was about 7 pm on the tier of Rikers Island; New York’s main jail complex. We just finished dinner. Normally everyone would be settling into their favorite spot and doing their thing whatever that happened to be but this night was different. There was tension in the air as the guys were trying to hide what they knew was about to happen." I hope you will check it out! It's an attention grabbing read and hard to put down
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The more diverse the list the better! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome recommendations with your readers. My number one recommendation of the year is a law enforcement memoir by retired police sergeant Tom Alessi called "And They Found No Witches."( He and four fellow police officers were accused of theft, evidence planting, and excessive force even though they were completely innocent. The trial and media coverage ruined their careers and their lives but they stood strong and fought back against the justice department in a seemingly hopeless case. It is an inspirational read and I couldn't believe it had actually happened. I hope you and your readers will check it out. It is definitely a must read for 2016 if you haven't read it already!
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I just finished a book that discussed the same thing! It should NOT be expensive to be poor. How is anyone supposed to get out of a situation like that? I highly recommend "Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid" by authors Carol Realini and Karl Mehta ( <---- (they have a great financial blog too). It focuses on the very serious issue of financial inclusion and exclusion throughout the world (especially here in the US). There are so many people who do not have access or choose to avoid banking services. While the wealthy take financial security and banking services for granted, there are billions of people who struggle. This book explains why this is happening and what we can do to help! You don't have to be a leader or professional in the financial service market to make a difference. I finished this book feeling very well versed on the subject and motivated to help. I hope you will check it out
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I have a great animal story for the summer that my kids ask me to read to them at least once a week… The book is called “The Little Brown Animal” by DiMari Bailey ( It’s the first book in the “Tales of the Deep Forest” series and it not only teaches children some wonderful life lessons but it promotes story-telling and sparks the imagination. The book follows a little brown animal who doesn't feel like he fits in with his forest companions. He goes on a journey that teaches him just how special he really is. A feel good book for sure; entertaining and meaningful.. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did and perhaps it will make it on a future list!
I am so happy I came across this post. It was beautifully written and thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences with your readers. It is astounding at how little people know about AIDS/HIV even now even though it is a disease that still effects many. It is even more surprising at the stigma still attached to the AIDS virus. I wanted to recommend a memoir about the subject that is educational, informative and inspiring. It is called “Don’t Stop Dreaming” by author Dr. Russell Tomar ( This book offers a first hand account from someone who was right in the middle of the tragic start of the AIDS epidemic. The author shares his struggle with finding a cure as well as trying to understand the cause and treatment of the disease. I feel it is the duty of each individual to educate themselves on things like this that have had such a profound impact on such a large number of people and this book was the perfect way for me to do that. I hope you will give it a read too!
Thank you for these great book suggestions! I have recently started my very own business and I am always searching for ways to effectively lead my staff, balance my work and play, and become successful (obviously!). In my research I was lucky to come across the book by author Bill Sims Jr. Green Beans & Ice Cream ( The author is well known for designing behavior-based recognition and reward programs for companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Disney. He explains the best and the worst ways to motivate people, how to use positive reinforcement correctly, and most importantly how a behavior change can turn around your whole business. The author backs up these practices with anecdotes, examples, and official research. This book is so enjoyable and so inspiring,truly made for all up- and-coming leaders like you and I :) It's helped me a lot and I'm sure you'll enjoy it
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