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Deborah White
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Tough question! I was born and raised in Lebanon, Ohio and that's where I live now. I guess I could say my SOUL lives in New Orleans - I just love everything about that place (except the seafood, I'm allergic), but my heart lives here in Lebanon: 1. Friends - I grew up here and I have so many friends whom have know for my entire life - I still talk to kids from my preschool class and I'm nearly 40! 2. Family - My family is here. As long as my brother and sister keep having children, it's going to be impossible for me to move away from my nieces and nephews. I keep thinking that I'll move away when the kids grow up, but they keep having more kids! I am also blessed to have oodles of cousins whom I see on a regular basis, along with aunts, uncles and of course, grandma! 3. Work - I have a great job here. I love the attorneys whom I work with and the fact that I can walk or ride my bike to work because I live less than a mile from my office. 4. Weather - Most years we have four beautiful, evenly spaced seasons where we get to appreciate all kinds of weather. 5. Community - when walking into the grocery, the kids' schools, the YMCA, etc., I always see familiar faces and know that there are people to count on and turn to with ANY kind of crisis that arises. It's nice to know your neighbors! I feel very safe here. 6. Location, Location, Location - we're in the middle of it all. Close to activities in Dayton and Cincinnati, lots of airport access, musuems, outdoor activities, etc. Feels like everything is just a road trip away! :)
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May 3, 2012