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Debra Hamel
North Haven, CT
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Latin (Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate) Ancient Greek (Beginners, Intermediate, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced) Biblical Hebrew (Beginners) Old Slavonic (Beginners, Intermediate) The Dan Slușanschi School for Classical & Oriental Languages is pleased to offer a new intensive session of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 24, 2022 at Summer Classics
Ken Follett, A Column of Fire Amazon A Column of Fire is the third installment in Ken Follett's Kingsbridge series.* Like its predecessors, it's a big, sprawling read, centered loosely around the fictional English town of Kingsbridge. This novel picks... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2022 at
Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train Amazon The girl on the train is Rachel, who watches strangers from her seat during her morning commute—one particular couple, whom she embues with personalities and a backstory. As the story unfolds, we... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2022 at
Lawrence Weinstein, Grammar for a Full Life Amazon I didn't expect to like this book. Intrigued by the title, I figured I'd read a few pages to satisfy my curiosity and then delete it from my Kindle. Hippie treacle, I... Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2022 at
Andy Weir, Project Hail Mary Amazon Project Hail Mary is another likable-smart-guy-in-space story from The Martian author Andy Weir. Ryland Grace isn’t stuck on Mars with a bunch of spuds. He’s been sent on an interstellar space mission with packets... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2022 at
Robert Goddard, The Fine Art of Invisible Detection Amazon Unassuming, middle-aged Umiko Wada is a detective's assistant tasked with traveling from Japan to England to investigate a decades-old death. The assignment lands her in the middle of a huge conspiracy... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2021 at
Susan Orlean, The Library Book Amazon Well, reading this was a balm. Susan Orlean here focuses her loving homage to libraries on the great fire that destroyed Los Angeles's Central Library in 1986. We learn about the events of the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2021 at
Linwood Barclay, Broken Promise Amazon Broken Promise is the first book in Linwood Barclay’s trilogy set in Promise Falls, New York. There’s a lot going on in it: dead squirrels, murder, kidnapping, more murder, a series of sexual assaults, and... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2021 at
Ben Rehder, Gone the Next Amazon This is another book that somehow has been sitting unread on my (virtual) shelves for years. And while it's languished on my Kindle, the author has added another four books to the series, now... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2021 at
Barry Eisler, A Graveyard of Memories Amazon A Graveyard of Memories is a prequel to Barry Eisler's series featuring John Rain, a half-Japanese, half-American assassin. I've only read the first book in the series, some years ago, so I'm not... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2021 at
Richard Stark, The Man with the Getaway Face Amazon This is the second of 24 Parker novels by Richard Stark (aka Donald E. Westlake). Parker isn't the kind of protagonist you root for, exactly. He's a criminal, a thief and... Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2021 at
Robert Galbraith, Lethal White Amazon This is the fourth book in the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). I really enjoyed the first three, and I continue to enjoy the relationship between Strike—Rowling's one-legged private eye—and his... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2021 at
Linwood Barclay, Find You First Amazon In this stand-alone thriller, Miles Cookson is a terminally ill rich guy looking for his nine children, the products of his donation to a sperm bank decades earlier. But while Miles is hoping to... Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2021 at
CLAS170: Classical Mythology CLAS308p: The Classics in Context CLAS320: Women in Antiquity CONTACT INFORMATION Eric Adler Department of Classics University of Maryland 1210 Marie Mount Hall College Park, MD 20742 Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2021 at Summer Classics
Kevin Wignall, The Traitor's Story Amazon Finn Harrington is an ex-spy who's spent the six years since he left the business writing popular history books. He lives in Switzerland with his girlfriend, Adrienne, and with a vague sense that his... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2021 at
M.J. Rose, The Venus Fix Amazon This is the third book in M.J. Rose's Butterfield Institute series. The books feature sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow, who has worked with the police in the past on cases related to her field.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2021 at
Adam Mitzner, Dead Certain Amazon Charlotte Broden disappears one day.The story of the ensuing investigation is told in large part from the perspective of her older sister, Ella. Ella is a defense attorney working at her father's law firm, but... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2021 at
Katie Sise, Open House Amazon A decade before the book opens, art student Emma McCullough disappeared during a college party. Now, Emma's younger sister Haley is a student at the school herself. Her father holds out hope that Emma is... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2021 at
Barbara Holland, When All the World Was Young Amazon I bought this book on October 12, 2007, which is the same day that I finished reading Bingo Night at the Fire Hall (my review), Holland's account of living on a... Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2021 at
Richard Russo, The Risk Pool Amazon One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation is "The Inner Light," the one where Captain Picard is probed by an energy beam and left unconscious on the bridge. In the... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2021 at
Alexander McCall Smith, The Strange Case of the Moderate Extremists Amazon In this short addition (73 pages) to Alexander McCall Smith's Detective Varg series, Ulf and his colleagues in Sweden's Department of Sensitive Crimes look into a pair of insignificant... Continue reading
Posted May 23, 2021 at
Gorman Bechard, Ninth Square Amazon I came for the location: Ninth Square, written by fellow Connecticut native Gorman Bechard, is set in and around New Haven, and there are lots of local references beyond the expected Yale and pizza—Willoughby's, Toad's... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2021 at
Latin: Beginners (Language Course) Latin: Lower Intermediate (Language Course) Latin: Upper Intermediate (Language Course) Greek: Beginners (Language Course) Greek: Lower Intermediate (Language Course) Greek: Intermediate (Language Course) Greek: Upper Intermediate (Language Course) Greek: Advanced (Language Course) Coptic: Beginners (Language Course)... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2021 at Summer Classics
Alexander McCall Smith, The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday Amazon This is the fifth book in Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie series. If you're this far along, you'll know what you're in for: occasional reflections on philosophy, music, and art... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2021 at
Adam Mitzner, The Perfect Marriage Amazon This story has sort of a strange arc. Jessica and James are happily celebrating their first anniversary, but their "perfect marriage" was built on the backs of two destroyed relationships. Both exes are on... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2021 at