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I recently made a presentation to HBS entitled, The Rise of Social Media and the Demise of the Resume in which I re-framed some new rules of PR by Jeff Bullas as job searching guidelines. For the past 10 years I have represented senior executives promoting them and constructing networks for them purposefully comprised of targeted contacts. Recently, the importance of creating a webinality or online persona is equally important to establishing new relationships via traditional channels. No longer is a LI profile sufficient to propel a campaign. If you want to accelerate a current search and stay on the radar of prospective hiring decision makers, then it is necessary to publish, comment, Tweet, blog, review, etc.In all likelihood, before anyone meets you or sets up an appointment, they will Google your name. Therefore, you have to provide searchable information that is accessible. Today, resumes follow first impressions more often than making them.
As for the it's not what you know but who you know, taking this a step further clarifies this concept in the context of job searching, “It’s not just what you know or even who you know, but who with the necessary authority to hire knows what you know, and how you can contribute to the organization’s success.” So this recommendation goes beyond knowing the right influencers and authorities and having them know you but emphasizing that those who know you must not only be able to hire you and refer you to decision makers, but also "get " you and be willing and able to promote you as a resource.
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Great reminder Jeff that everything boils down to people and relationships. Just read discussion about new product development, sales and marketing being at each other's throats. Perfect example of the importance of communicating and developing an appreciation for each other's needs and concerns. That helps build another important element to sustain good relationships: trust. There are no short cuts to building strong relationships; it takes time to have shared experiences and experiences take time. People,hence relationships, cannot be optimized per se. Good reminder to invest in relationships, not to abandon good ones once you have them and a strong argument for looking at the people behind a product. I always tell JobWhiz clients ( who most often are executives seeking their next position via networking)that their connections are their "career insurance." Once they've invested in developing contacts, don't abandon them when they are not fulfilling an immediate need like job references or supplying potential job leads. By keeping in touch, you maintain a rich resource and help each other. Relationships make the world go round and keep your world centered! Hope that you are enjoying the time behind the windshield.
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I love the analogy to a shingle. Here's how I help JobWhiz Executive Talent Agent clients create a niche for themselves no matter how many other people may have the same job title as they have. Determine what makes you stand out or how you are different from others who may have similar skills and credentials. Not only do you want to describe your strengths, but at the same time show how you are different from your competition. Think about saying that you are a treasurer with global experience and are fluent in three languages or that you have been on the implementation side in ABC industry and are now involved in selling project management software which is the standard in the industry. In other words, give a taste of what sets you apart in your headline rather than relying on someone reading the entire experience section and leaving it up to them to realize what distinguishes you and makes you someone special and unusually prepared to solve the employer's challenges.
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Rosa- right on the money with every point in this post! You make the entire venture of proficient and effective networking sound fun! Great tips and practical advice. Connections are a life time investment which I call career insurance because as you said, contacts are the best way to source job leads and it's who knows you and remembers you that is key to networking/referral success.
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Jul 27, 2010