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Mar 14, 2011
LOL...Jim Kunstler advocating/suggesting forced Stalinist measures of dealing with the population; say it isn't so. Oh man! You're starting to show your true totalitarian colors Jim. Imposing weight lose on the population? What's next? Taking away the guns from anyone who isn't willing to provide a weekly sample of blood, urine, stool and semen and accept a government chip? You're a lunatic and you scare me!
He,he,he... You people don't seem to think you'll need guns and ammo but look around you. I have not seen so much factional hatred and division along some sort of line since the movie Tears Of The Sun. Before this last election cycle I used to be able to have a political disagreement with a friend or acquaintance, say our piece and than go on to have a beer and laugh about it. These day, you're taking the risk that your friend will run you down with your car because you "dissed" his Messiah, whoever that happens to be. But hey, as long as you feel that you are better than those who think that factional violence is inevitable... As for Ron Paul having become a doctor because he hates women...what do you say to that? If I met the fella who typed that peal of wisdom and we had this conversation face to face, I'd nod my head in agreement and back away slowly, never taking my eyes off him until I was far enough to be able to turn around and run. Today in America you have the extreme left, the extreme right and every shade of variation in between and everyone is angrier than hell and ready to spill their neighbor's blood ... Whether you get yourself a tool for self defense is up to you; just as long as you don't cry about how nobody warned you.
Bush, Obama, different heads of the same monster. If any of you truly believe that America now has a different administration other than in name, I got a bridge to sell you at a great price. The only chance at redemption that America had was with Ron Paul and exactly because of that, he didn't stand a chance. I like your ideas Jim; I read your column every week even though I don't understand how such a seemingly intelligent guy like you can embrace "progressive" ideals like they were the naked reincarnation of Marlyn Monroe. There are too many variables at play here for anyone to be able to make a realistic prediction of what the future will bring, but one thing is for sure: you all need to stock you pantries with lots of non perishable items, medication and (oh the horror!) guns and ammo. There will be an initial period of shock that will shake the foundations of the free world. Focus on making through that and you might have a chance at dying in your bed, of old age.