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I've been away from my blog for an age, and I remember that back then there was a new editor coming up. Not sure what the great leap has been / will be, but not posting pictures or uploading can't be it.
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I couldn't say what the essence of art is, but the shift from the end result to the creative act, as you call it, suggests that the restart of this blog could use a subtitle to help qualify its focus. I have added one, tentatively. There will be a post sometime about how I ended up writing about amateur creativity. Your instincts in identifying obsession with process are probably right. Thanks for the Calvino link. I admire 'If on a Winter's Night...' and various other works very much, but I've not encountered this story. I see the connection you make in the unpacking of the subject in the midst of the narrative. I particularly like this: 'Perhaps true, total photography, he thought, is a pile of fragments of private images, against the creased background of massacres and coronations.'
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Yes, it seems not to have been apparent that the photos previously published here are mine. There was a general copyright message, but none specific to the photography. When no clear copyright accompanies photography, perhaps it is automatically assumed that the work is lifted from elsewhere? I suppose appropriation is widespread and standard practice. I'd never given this any thought until it was raised. Thanks for providing the question for this piece.
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Yes, it might make sense in respect of previous posts being partly computer generated, and though I wouldn't necessarily deny that this is still going on, the reference was to the photographer. Nice to hear from you. You came to mind when I recently applied to start a PhD - I'll be in touch more fulsomely about this and less in the next couple of days.
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