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If the asking price doesnt drop the team that aquires Halladay will regret it similarly to what happened with Randy Johnson trade years ago.
You can give a GM money, but you can never give him smarts.
Harden was pretty fragile last time he pitched out west. So as an Angels fan I say... Welcome Back!
Did anyone watch after allstar break or the playoffs? Kendrick hit some absurd number like .370 with power and cut back on his errors at 2b on what originally looked like Benny Hill playing baseball. If I had to guess Izturis to Atlanta for Vazquez and a low A arm (Because Vazquez's contract aint cheap) or Izturis for a buy low starter.
Rivera for Lincecum. Then the giants reveal S.A.B.E.A.N. is an acronym for a Systematic Action Based Exclusively At Nothing. It turns out the Giants are run by a giant computer that spits out random names and numbers and pairs them together or something to do with mice. I am sorry my vision is clouded.
Izturis & Bobby Wilson for Jackson..
BJSGuess. I was thinking the same thing. The Angels should look at Escobar and Sheets. Afford them both time to reccoperate and if one hits asa top flight guy, either slot them for the playoffs are trade them for young arms/bats.
These offers are stupid for 1 expensive year of Roy Halladay. He isnt worth more than Saunders + a prospect or a grade A prospect. These proposals are overkill.
Angels should: Give Figgins 4/33 Give Lackey 4/58 that front loads the first two years @19 mil a year. Trade GMJ and Brandon Wood to a team for a prospect that has fallen out of favor (See Jarrod Parker or Michael inoa..Etc)
Prediction: Angels send: Garry Matthews Freddy Sandoval $1,00,000 San Fransisco Sends: A middling C=/B- Prospect Back
"I say Jered Weaver" Only if it is straight up. We are renting Halladay for a season a while he is CLEARLY better than Weaver, he isnt so much better that it offsets the financial implications of sending him. I truly hope Regins doesnt make a move in response to pressure. These veteran for young player trades rarely work for the team acquiring the vet. Also,why aren't all MAJOR FA signings done on front loaded contracts? Overpay for the good years and leave yourself with less risk when the player predictably declines.
I am just a lowly Angel fan, but it seems like there is a great opportunity for the Nationals to become a powerhouse in 2-3 seasons. 1. Dont sign any of the major veteran FAs (Lackey, Holliday, Bay, Damon..etc) 2. Take all your free agent money and sign as many of the previously injured pitchers as you can to 1 yr deals (Sheets, Harden, Escobar, Myers..etc) Even if it means over paying by a few million dollars the benefit will be apparent. notes: Washington is a great place for this pitchers to recover their form without a high pressure environment, and it will provide the fan base with some excitement. 3. In June & July take these reclamation pitchers and ship them off to a World Series competitor for impact prospects. 4.When the books clear of these pitchers, Dunn and other large contracts at the end of 2010 and 2011. The Nats will have Strasy and the rest of their prospects ML ready, plus whatever they aquired in trades and a flexible spending situation for big names when they need it. Just one mans thoughts, BK
There is a lot of poor posturing going on here. If the Angels bring in Halladay they are not sending one of the ML starters back in return. It is counter productive. The trade would likely be (Kendrick Reckling and Bjuros for Halladay. He has 1 year left and he is a rental. The days of emptying a cupboard for more than 3 good players is over.
Dodger fans can you hear me with your head in the sand? Hello? THis has nothing to do with "saving money for the young stars." He even implies it with "No long term commitments." This is going to be very long and very painful divorce. Get read for the roller coaster, cause the roster is going to be beat apart.
Cronus. It is understood that wherever we send Matthews we will eat 70-100% of the dollars owed his way.
No way is Granderson worth both Wood and Napoli. Id assume the Angels would send Sandoval and Izturis for Granderson.