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Webster's has "leftovers" as a noun, so I think your copyeditor overstepped there. Likewise adj. redbrick vs. adj. red modifying brick is a judgment call, as are adj.s headfirst & faceup vs. head first and face up in the above image. (Looks like headfirst was done to be consistent with your earlier usage -- one of the most important tasks of copyediting. Just saying some copyeditors would let some of that go as not technically incorrect.
I almost didn't say anything, bc wouldnt subverting a subversive make me ... a reactionary? A totalitarian? Can't have that -- I always enjoy your writing and your tips! Thanks, and now I'm off to return to "Stimulating Smallholder Investments in Sustainable Land Management: Overcoming Market, Policy, and Institutional Challenges." (Any tips on tons of complex equations created in Equation Editor dumped into Word files? I can't do the math, I just want to hand this off to the comp with as few equation & Symbol font gremlins as possible!) -John
Hmmm ... in the last Maccio entry in red before the final paragraph, should the 2002 be repeated at the end? I think you want period after Bizbooks there, no? I only notice bc I'm reading carefully in an attempt to get my darned Zamboni back together and out of my living room!
Posted Jan 12, 2010 at John Deever's blog
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Posted Jan 12, 2010 at John Deever's blog
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Jan 12, 2010