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Cowards and dictators are so much alike.
Regardless of the cost aspect, I think people are starting to figure out that Obamacare would manage citizens as if a herd of draft horses enslaved to "society." For instance, Zeke Emanuel holds that infants should be given less priority that adolescents because less has been invested into the infant. Then, of course the old folks had their chance already, no longer profitable to The Borg - allow to languish to death. The elites will have care that money won't even be able to buy for us. Yes, the G-ds believe they can live forever by helping us die young.
Here she comes: -- She wanted instead to free herself of the constraints of the governor's job so that she could again "get out there and fight," she said. --
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2009 on Atlas Vlogs Sarah Palin - Oorah! at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, You are right on! Sarah has a brilliant opportunity. We need to make sure she knows we a with her. We can go here to help pay-off her legal bills:
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on Atlas Vlogs Sarah Palin - Oorah! at Atlas Shrugs
There have been subtle indications of many in the Middle-East secretly converting to Christianity. This new information about Neda opens up an entire new dimension of analysis (which is difficult) of events in Iran.
Atlas said: "She did not quit. She is going to get into the fight to save America. Watch what happens." Sarah has never been a quitter and we should hope for a continuance of her bulldog tenacity.
In the real world, the death of MJ was a one-day story. Of course it occurred under abnormal circumstances - people of such abnormal character often meet their end in such ways. It is nearly predictable. Certainly, the disturbing dynamic is the revelation of the number of people in America that are effectively tabloid zombies, unable to distinguish between what is important and what is inconsequential for the existence of civil society. We can now understand the folly of the worship of golden calves - and we think we live in an advanced and modern society.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2009 on And now a word from your blogger at Atlas Shrugs
A congressman says that Obamacare his part of "Reparations" for slavery:
The Senate fight must start tonight. Here is one article to add to your kit bag:
jj, If you can get it, see "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam" by Peter Hammond. Shows close correlation between % of Muslims in a population and the horror that ensues. Also, see Krauthammer analysis at:
Reportedly, Krauthammer has a somewhat different take, seeing this as an uprising against the tyranny of the regime, and not so much about Mousavi losing. Perhaps they had hoped to have some miniscule input into choosing their despot. The true lunacy is, of course, in Obama speaking as if the citizens of Iran had an opportunity to chose their government. Perhaps it is an indication of his model for "democratic process." Even more troubling is his direct reference to "The Supreme Leader," as if that chief despot is due any amount of respect. See:
Where are the Hollywood types? Do we need to wait for all their agents to get together and coordinate some money raising, smarmy sing-along? Oh, that's right, they pledged their unquestioning support to "The President" - they are with him, in his cowardice and complicity.
The poster could be slightly perfected: "rev" Wright sitting on one shoulder, Bill Ayers on the other.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2009 on Everybody knows at Atlas Shrugs
But I thought they revere Jesus!!!??? They tell us that frequently.
American Jihadi follows the tenets of Islam by killing a kafir. Our "government" responds with "Move along, nothing to see here." Prepare to defend yourselves.
"We" were certainly on the wrong side. Was it because Clinton was looking of a distraction?, his advisor's confusion of history and cultures?, or a more nefarious collusion?
Consider that this previous nobody will be a top dog at the federal agency that wants to criminalize the THOUGHTS of being concerned about 1) border security, 2) states rights, 3) protection of the unborn... ... while his coreligionists continue on a course of cultural annihilation:
Yesterday, we marked the anniversary of the beginning of the end of Hitler's despotism and barbarity toward humanity. When the horrors of that episode of barbarity came into view, we collectively vowed, "never again." However, it continued, but we did not pay attention because the issue festered within a "culture" foreign to our own. It was far away, and it was not a people like us. It is becoming clear that humanity is humanity, regardless of culture or geographic location. When evil is allowed to continue, it will fester and become a growing threat - here we are again, yet on a smaller world and with our ranks infiltrated. Yet, there are indications that others, that we had given up for lost, might be beginning to get a clue. Both in Europe, and in Lebanon, voters are steeling themselves against the sometimes insidious tide of evil.
Sarastro - I'm not sure who "our scientists" might be unless they are J. Robert Oppenheimer and company and later scientists who developed the Neutron Bomb. A pesky nature of warfare is that defending armies will do their very best to prepare to counter the methods of the attacking force. You prepare sleeping gas, and all the mechanical means to employ it, they develop and deploy simple gas masks. Consider also that in most cases of tyrannical regimes, the defending soldiers have a choice between fighting the force in front of them vs. receiving a knife in the back from their government. Perhaps if we could convince our enemies to sort this out in some "civilized" or more efficient manner, we could live in your imagined world. However, those bent on world domination as their civilizational goal are difficult to convince that we would like to chose the winner merely by a coin toss. Further, if my government considered such a method of determining winner and loser, I'm thinkin' that even you would rise up and "throw the bums out." Unfortunately, the real world is a little more difficult than portrayed in a 90 minute James Bond 007 drama. P.S. - If we were to have sprinkled your pixie dust over Iraq so that we could sort out the bad guys from the good guys while they were all napping, how would we identify the bad guys? Would they have a special label on their forehead? Would we wait until they wake up and then simply ask them? Would we assume that any armed person was a bad guy and not just prepared to defend his family? I must not be tracking on your identity technique.
Supercargo - you are spot-on based on the reality that we are engaged in a civilizational war against Classical Islam, at a time in history when, as a society, we have lost track of what it takes to survive. Here is a post that artfully describes our difficult situation:
Headline on Fox: "Obama Embraces Islam"
They get nukes and we get wind-powered skate boards. The greatness of America dismantled by the ass-hat. Snooper: Nice touch with the code. I will have to brush up a bit.
Try to caption THAT photo.
This is the State Department's idea of "spreading American values." Spread around the world all that the left praise as their version of "freedom." As if everyone will like us when they see that we are a society the embraces any "life-style." Good thing we spend so much money and brain power in learning about other "cultures" so that as a society we can better interact with them - NOT! Then perhaps there are some at State who prescribe to some Freudian theory as the cause of Jihadism - something like: "If we can only help them get in touch with their true sexual identity, then peace will break out throughout the middle-east!" Pamela's analysis is right on the money. Burn bibles and advertise Sodom as the proper version of city life. Great. We may need to invent a new word to describe the intensity of this stupidity.
But let's not forget, the energy policy of the Norks is advanced far beyond anything we can imagine (see the link). Sets quite a challenge for us to look up to doesn't it?