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Addendum to my post of the 2nd May 2008. Yesterday, Andy Wibbles of SixApart solved my problem with Google Ads. I discovered that Google ADs written after the 1st April this year will not work if the domain name is simply pointed or redirected to the Typepad blog. However, if the domain is properly mapped there is not a problem. I'm really pleased.
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Hi, I've always extolled the virtues of TypePad and I encourage small businesses to use it instead of a website but today I hit a major problem. Google Ads changed their rules on the ist of April. I could not quite work out their rules and was assured by someone else that it was about affiliate people having sham sites. Their new rule is that the url shown on the ad has to tie in with the url underneath. I have tried with various urls pointing to a TypePad blog address and they won't work. I was on a conference call tonight with a major affiliate player who tells me that under their new rules I need to use regular hosting with a domain name and a WordPress blog. The great thing about your Pro package was that it did not need hosting and people could just point a domain name and off they went and could do a Google Ads campaign. The value of natural search is in decline as Google takes over more of the space right at the top of the page so having Google Ads will become a must for those using a blog for business. Regards, Niamh Kiernan
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I second that David Ewart's point. I have worked with Typepad for a long time and help other people to start blogging or to set up a web presence through DefogMyBlog. What would also be useful for me is if people could register an account and not have to set up their first blog immediately. Some people I work with only do email and taking them through the whole process is stressful for both parties. It only has to happen once and then I take it over and transform it for them and show how to do a posting or to edit. Why not avoid that first part completely. Let them register for whatever package I have advised them to sign up for, over and out. Eventually I suppose you could design your forms to include the buddy access but it is not absolutely necessary. Just a "Would you like to design your first blog later?" and a tick box would be fine.
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I like the new additions but what I really crave is a design with a row of buttons across the top - a horizontal bar. When, when, when O Typepad?
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