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A lot of his photos look as though anyone could have taken them. They seem to owe more to the landscape than the photographer. But the others are wonderful and show the artistry you are celebrating.
Don't often disagree with you Mike (hence I rarely need to comment) but calling this a snap is a disgrace. This is a beautiful photograph, well worthy of wall space. Reminds me of Hockney's "Mr and Mrs Clarke and Percy". {True confession time - I had to Google the name of the cat.}
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Man walks into a bar and drops to the floor. It was an iron bar. Hear about the stupid woodworm? Found dead in a brick. (My granddaughter's favourite joke when she was 5) "My dog has no nose!" "How does it smell?" "Disgusting!" I'll get me coat. Taxi!
Better at what? Bloody meaningless unless you define the basis for comparison.
Don't touchstones depend on the mood? Sometimes it's Dali / Man Ray. Or Ansel Adams Or Constable. Or Ansel Adams Or HCB Or Ansel Adams Or Brasai Or Ansel Adams Or... OK, You got me
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Cupboard below, three narrow shelves above? Welsh dresser. And of course you're still a teacher and a student. Every intelligent person, which you manifestly are, tries to spread the knowledge they have gained and regards a day when they have learned nothing new as a day wasted.
Sorry you're not well Mike, look after yourself and get well soon. Don't worry, however long it takes we'll be here waiting for you with bated breath.
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Oct 26, 2010
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Oct 26, 2010
So our economy is growing faster than the desperate forecast of the market. Must mean that the Tory/traitor coalition is doing things right? We'll find out how the collapse of the Trade Union movement, caused by leaders who were more interested in their own power than the rights/developement of the... Continue reading
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Oct 26, 2010