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You're right. It's interesting that a company like Apple or VW will spend enormous amounts of time and money to find just the right piece of music to represent their product and send customers into a store to find it, only to have the store in question playing music that either devalues the customer's experience or does a disservice to the product. And for what it's worth, my wife and four-year-old son have both asked me, on separate occasions, why the Beatles named themselves after a bug. I'm just glad they've never asked where the name Steely Dan came from.
The problem with intellectual property laws is that, like so many aspects of modern society, deliberate misinterpretation of their intended use can be utilized for the benefit of those who would profit from the hard work of others. It's frustrating and unfortunate when laws that are intended to serve artists and protect them from the depraved and corrupt ultimately result in harming the innocent. Perhaps a solution exists in a combination of motivating producers to create legitimate B-level versions of popular items, and educating consumers as to the implicit harm of buying knock-offs (to themselves (shoddy merchandise, no warranty, etc.) as well as the manufacturers and retailers). As retailers, the onus for this second task lies with us.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2007 on Cheap Luxury's High Price at Retail Contrarian