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And btw, the "seriously, what the hell" links in your original article are not that frightening. It's like trying to learn C++ and then stumbling on an article like this: (check "A hairy example" and try to imagine what a beginner would say to that).
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Reading your previous post, no wonder you like Clojure. :) It's impure in the functional sense, but this also means it's more practical to get some things running quickly. In a way, like comparing Visual Studio designer-made WinForms apps with true MVC apps. You can argue that the first approach gives results faster, but you can test MVC much easier, and it forces you to structure things to be easily extended. Besides that, Clojure runs on JVM, which is a plus from your perspective. But the point in FP is simply that it's different from OOP. You need to **take some time** to get used to it. Emphasis on pure functions, recursion and pattern matching is a completely different way of doing things, and you cannot expect to grasp this over night.
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Sep 12, 2012