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KiKi L'Italien
Washington, DC
Non-Profit Necromancer, Freelance Makeup Artist, Association Junkie, Social Media Beta Snob, and Mommy.
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Jan 23, 2012
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Jan 21, 2012
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Nov 1, 2011
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Nov 1, 2011
I LOVE Brain Rules! Jeff is right (as *yawn* usual) and I second his advice. Thank you for your post. I love your tips for creating better learning in sessions. Right now I am trying to inspire a small group of leaders on a council I am vice chair for and we have a meeting coming up in less than a month. I may try to adapt some of what you are talking about here for that group. Any advice for a vice chair trying to being a small group together? :)
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Jan 11, 2010
Well, this thing is definitely happening. Now, to figure out a time, place, and how to use technology to support it... :) I'm hyped up about this and the fact that so many of you are open to this experience!
Wow! This is great...I've also heard from some people on the ASAE listserv. The creativity in the room will be amazing. Hooray!!!!
Absolutely! I just texted you to let you know I had posted unconference would be excellent and your attendance would be vital!