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The VC has flopped like all power hungry boot lickers of his ilk.He should have stood his ground and at least have an honourable exit. That aside it is not surprising that in present day Cameroon, 21st century, students are shot dead because they call for justice and fair play in a Medical School to which this very students contributed money from their meager allowances to make functional. The question that really bugs my mind as i listen to supposed intellectuals like Ngoh ranting about Regiional Balance is whether this is the first professional school in Cameroon,or whether regional balance comes into play only when it concerns Buea. Go to CUSS, ENAM, National Police College Yaounde/Mutengene, ENAP Buea, or any of your choice and from your own analysis tell me if any notion of this purported regional balance was considered in admiting Cameroonians to their campuses.tell me whether at least 90-95% of students in these schools are not french speaking.Or look at the Public Service and tell me if we really know what we mean when we talk of regional balance. Again when we boldly go to the air to talk of regions in Cameroon, which regions are we refering to.I thought Cameroon was one and indivisible. Have some began to accept the idea of English and French Cameroon because they want to dubiously send their unworthy offsprings to UB. Cameroon will change, soon, but this may only be when we became capable of respecting those who fall in the line of battle. Shame on thos e who spend time weeping rather over broken cars. We are together.