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El Paso, TX 79901
Here at, Delight Restaurant of El Paso, we pride ourselves in offering you the best in Gourmet Soups, Salads and Sandwiches. Our selection of sandwiches and burgers will have you licking your fingers with, well Delight! Come by today and try the best in gourmet food. We are an authentic gourmet restaurant serving the El Paso region. Opening our doors this June 2016 has been a dream in the waiting. Our main focus is to give El Paso an experience they won’t soon forget. Our gourmet cuisine is second to none and our service is just as impeccable. The Chef and owner have years of combined experience, which allow Delight to be a place you want to come to over and over again. Our owner, Jose Gonzalez, and chef, Carlos Arzola, are dedicated to make Delight an experience for every one that dines at this fine establishment. Come and join us for a gourmet meal, wine and a welcoming atmosphere at Delight Restaurant of El Paso, Texas. Jose Gonzalez had a vision of combining only the best ingredients together to create the most amazing dishes. With his training, as a chef, and also owner of Lieben Pastries, his dedication to making Delight an experience to remember was second to none. He not only brings his experience as a chef, but also as a baker. Delight was merely an idea less than a year ago, which is now coming to fruition.
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Jun 29, 2016