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Hi Rebekah! I found your blog - and it's awesome to see a teaching abroad program have bloggers! I very much want to teach English in Spain, preferably Seville area. Can we chat in email briefly about your experience there? I would love any tips for how to get started in teaching there, hopefully for fall this year! My email is esamson [at] gmail [dot] com. Appreciate any info! :) - Elsie
I'm posting this to Facebook along with the petition, urging my friends to read and sign it. Have you contacted CNN and Fox News? When they bring attention to a story and millions of Americans are watching, the military would have to rethink doing something as cruel as killing Ratchet and preventing him from coming to the US.
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Sorry that I'm just looking at this now. I have lots of people to catch up with in email. I haven't had a chance to read blogs in awhile and I only update mine randomly. I'll take the "more thinker than designer" thing as a compliment (haha), but I hope to be just as a much a designer. Thanks for including me in your list! :) Awesome that you went to India! Hope all's well!
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