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G'day Ben, Thanks for the article! For me, this really is a good metric for one facet of the benefits a microservices architecture affords (that being shorter development cycles). Another facet is short deployment cycles, so perhaps if it also takes more than a second to spin up a new instance that is ready for requests, then there's another point to look at possibly splitting the service. Remember, too, that a microservices architecture is an *architecture*. Certain decisions allow us to implement as seperate services if / when we choose to. Decisions like TDD, infrastructure-as-code, autonomous teams, antifragile design, continuous integration and delivery, homogeneous containers which contain (possibly) heterogeneous stacks, etc also play a part in the option of a microservices implementation. By the way, great book, I enjoyed reviewing it in the early drafts, it helped reshape my thinking about serverless applications – although I'm still not an SPA fan ;-)
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May 3, 2016