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Del Morgan
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From our Apple II in middle school, the mac plus lab in high school, the classic, LC 475, 630, Blueberry, iMac, Mac book pro, many different versions of the iPod and iPhone, I am a Mac. I have, as I'm sure many of you have, brought many others over to the light side, from their virus filled PCs to the elegance of the Mac. As a teacher, I was blessed to start teaching in a school in 1991 with 2 mac labs and three fabulous mentors. I have taught many hundreds of kids how to use info tech on the Mac. Today in class, while talking about archaeology, we got into a discussion about the change in technology over my lifetime (I'm 43). The difference from when I was a kid, with my record player then 8-track...all the way to the tunes we listen to in class from my iPhone. We discussed how music for them - was from Steve - iTunes wasn't around when I was 12. There was no such thing as an app. Steve was a visionary in ways we only partially understand. This amazing man had over 300 patents himself. He has changed the way I work and live. He changed the way millions of people do things, everyday things, from listening to music, to communicating with each other. He took ideas that were far out and made them everyday things. (Have you face-timed today?) My heart goes out to his immediate family, his apple family and to all of us who include him in our extended life family. I hope his vision continues and Apple can continue to make such innovative things. We will miss you Steve.
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Oct 7, 2011