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Yay, someone else who loves Crazy Ex Girlfriend! Why you no like The Get Down tho? Red Oaks on Amazon was solidly decent. Do finish Good Girls Revolt; the storyline moved a little slow, but the cast was solid, and it's such an important story. The series was cancelled by Amazon and I want it finished by someone! Dittos for Jane the Virgin. It's hilarious and SO well done. I've been plodding through The Good Wife, but think we're about to divorce in Season 4, it's just getting tiresome.
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Gah, I hate that place. I mean, I love seeing shows there, but your experience has basically been every single one of my experiences. Once I got stuck in traffic that was so horrible, we only made it in time to see the encore of the headliner! (This was 1997 I think, and they have made major road improvements since then, but still!). We always arrive early and eat in the parking lot, and then tailgate in the parking lot after the show is over to avoid the crazies. We've met some super-fun people tailgating post-show!
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I usually use California Baby, but have been wanting to try EMAB after reading all of the great reviews.
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You are amazing.
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If you're going to stick with the green porch, go green with the door. It's a bit kitschy, but it unifies your trim. The brown would be out of place with the green stairs. If you ever intend to change your porch though, go brown. It's too hard to strip paint off and then re-stain to get a nice brown. What about a lighter brown (like a medium oak)?. Wouldn't contrast as much against your brick.
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I love fresh fruit, especially raspberries and peaches. Thanks for your donation!
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Glad you'll be showing more of a presence here. I feel bad when my online friends disappear, because I never know what happens to them. And the silly thing is, we don't really live that far apart, yet it rarely occurs to me to reach out to my bloggy friends outside of their blogs.
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The Freedom series by Anne McCaffrey (Freedom's Landing, Freedom's Challenge, Freedom's Choice). And you have read Holes by Louis Sacher and Hoot & Scat from Carl Hiaasen, right? What about Eragon from Christopher Paolini and all the Rick Riordan books (Percy Jackson series & The Red Pyramid)? Don't get too upset at your teenage self; YA books are much better now than when we were teens ;)
I understand why processed foods in the States have a lot of salt since it acts as a preservative. However, I've never been able to understand why restaurants, especially really good restaurants, consistently over-salt their food. I don't like taking a bit of soup and feeling like my mouth is burning from excess salt. If diners really want that much salt in their food, it's an easy table-side fix. You can't, however, remove salt from a dish once added.
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Jan 25, 2011