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edwin carshall
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No, albanaeon. I don't waste energy getting worked up over troll's.
Jason, some of us actually work for a living. Namely, and likely exclusively, me. So get off my ass and stop beggging for my attention. It's embaressing.
Transphobic? Just how many words do we need for "butthurt"? AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS KEEPS MARCHING ON
Jason, I'm sorry, but there,s so many comments here I can,t keep up. Did anyone say I was expected to in the first place?
One matter I completely forgot to adress: for you trollls saying "haha E C Pseudonym, u just got pwned by Fred", how likely does that sound, honestly? Fred doesn't read his comments section, you should know this by now. He's a writer, not a debater. Words are all he has, and one-way words at that. Bleah, why do I even bother. My chances of convincing any of you of your folly are close to zero. But they're not zero, and for me, that makes it the same as a hundred percent chance!
You mean the things the Hands of Blue carry?
Consumer unit, I am impressed. You criticized me with a genuinely funny comment.
>implying I ever called my family perfect No, coyote, seriously, you're still wrong. I was criticising interpretation of the Parables as applying to anything but the Kingdom of Heaven. Humans should not try to emulate Our Father in every aspect, it is folly to try. So you can take your rightious indignation and vent it at something that deserves it.
coyote: dude what? I seriously have no clue how my post could have offended anyone. I was criticising misinterpretation of Our Lord's parables, nnot sneering at people shut out by thrir nominally christian families or whatever it is you thought I was doing. Don't call me a troll and ignore me, TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT I DID WRONG
The people in this thread criticising the parables as having a twisted message remind me of Andy Schlafly and his Conservative Bible nonsense, specifically the "economic parables" he reads into it.
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Oct 18, 2010