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Let me predicate my comments by saying everyone's situation is different. As father and primary caregiver to a 2 year old boy and 5 month old twin boys, I can say from experience that this article is not accurate in our case. But articles based on blanket statements are meant to elicit discussion or controversy, so this is hardly surprising. Not all parents are the same, not all children have the same disposition, physical or emotional. Not all follow the same developmental patterns. Not all communities are as helpful or tolerant of young children. Not all parents have as much time, money, or help as others. While this blog post is partly tongue-in-cheek, as you can tell from the comments, not everyone saw it that way. And when it occurs to this extent, yes, that is something a writer is responsible for. Finally, aside from the (very) notable exceptions of pregnancy and childbirth, it's not specifically motherhood that is difficult, it's responsible parenthood. Sadly the cultural attitudes of many fathers have made some people blind to this. TLDR: if this post is a joke, it's misleading and unfunny; if serious, it's misleading and predominantly untrue.
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Jan 9, 2014