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If it is true then that would be a fantastic result. Need confirmation tho.
the Daily Mail has picked up the story (well done DM!)
anti-EDL tweeter is keeping cyber updated with pictures lol This comment section at (re the mega mosque and EDL vigil) could do with a few words of support. It will take only 2 mins of your life to register and leave a comment.
At last, a teeny bit of acknowledgement from the BBC. Roof-top protest after English Defence League rally Part of Dudley town centre was sealed off after four people launched a roof-top protest following a demonstration by the English Defence League. West Midlands Police went to a disused building in Hall Street just after 2300 BST on Sunday where they dispersed about 30 people. Four people then barricaded themselves on the roof. Police said they were still negotiating with them. Hall Street remains closed between Trindle Road and Dixons Green. No arrests were made after the protesters were dispersed but one officer and a youth suffered minor injuries and required hospital treatment.
They are playing the Muslim call to prayer over their PA to give the locals a taste of what's in store for them. ROFLMAO
Tons of pig fat poured over the building would go down well! {{Take care EDL peeps}}
The vid is not working for me so can't see the roof they are on. I hope it is safe for that many people.
Yay! Great news. I wish them well in their sit-in. Stay safe. People really do need to wake up to the real world, soon, time is running out. (I hope they are well equipped because the weather here has turned quite wet and cold again :( ) Bl*ss em!
Pakistani Taliban claim credit for failed NYC Times Square car bombing By Bill Roggio May 2, 2010 10:24 AM
"It looks as if the perp was trying to light it up, and was interrupted by the cops, panicked and took off," a law enforcement source said. "It looked like someone tried to detonate it and we got to it in time," a police source said. "This is a big deal. It has the makings of a real car bomb."
Lib Dem, Nick Clegg wants to introduce Proportional Representation (PR)! Lib Dem, Simon Hughes wishes for Muslim Prime Minister Their wishes will probably come true quicker with PR :(
I meant to thank Robert Spencer. So, a big Thank You to you too Robert! Pam and Robert, two very brave people who put so much of their time into this long hard fight to awaken the People, whilst putting themselves at risk. Keep up the good fight, but stay safe.
A great turnout, wish I could have been there, over the pond. Well said Pamela - you are the business. So proud of you. Shocked and sickened to see those so-called Jewish men in support of their OWN enemy. Very disturbing indeed. I just don't get it at all and I never want to.
Strut your stuff. Good luck for tomorrow.
Having trouble copy pasting the rest on here, hopefully Pam will add all the info from the link.
snippet: At the Clegg banquet, Mr Auchi made a speech suggesting he now preferred the Liberal Democrats. He said: ‘In the past, the Arab community has not actively participated in British political life... I believe this is changing and we are now closer to finding a party that is not only sympathetic to our views but whose policies actively seek to address our concerns.’ Mr Clegg replied in kind, saying that the Arab community’s values also ‘sit deep in the soul of the Liberal Democrats’. Mr Auchi’s personal fortune is estimated at £2.15billion, making him Britain’s 32nd richest person. A UK citizen, he has lived in Britain since 1980. Since 2003, Mr Auchi has invested heavily in the new, post- Saddam Iraq.
The Daily Mail have a habit of updating/changing and then omitting part of their articles, so am going to try and copy paste some of it here in parts:- Billionaire convicted of fraud in France laid on banquet in honour of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg attended a banquet held in his honour by a billionaire Iraqi businessman who was convicted and given a suspended jail sentence for fraud and bribery in France. A Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed that the businessman, Nadhmi Auchi, 73, has close links with other key Liberal Democrat figures. Mr Auchi, who says he is still seeking to challenge the 2003 conviction, has also been embroiled in the case of the convicted Chicago fraudster Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko, once a friend and ally of President Obama. A US court revoked Mr Rezko’s bail before he was convicted in 2008 when prosecutors discovered that Mr Auchi had wired him $3.5million from a bank account in Lebanon. They feared that Mr Rezko intended to flee the country. Former Liberal leader Lord Steel Former Liberal leader Lord Steel is paid undisclosed sums as a director of Mr Auchi's main company Lord Steel, the former Liberal Democrat leader, is paid undisclosed sums as a director of Mr Auchi’s main company, the Luxembourg-registered General Mediterranean Holdings, the centre of a global empire that includes hotel, leisure, pharmaceutical and telecommunications firms. Closer to home, on February 12 Mr Auchi’s Anglo Arab Organisation, a non-profit-making limited company that he controls, organised a lavish fundraising dinner for Susan Kramer, the Lib Dem frontbench spokeswoman on families and MP for the South-West London constituency of Richmond Park, where Mr Auchi lives. continued---------
Steve, sadly many in the UK are falling head over heels for this guy Clegg. In fact it is like watching a repeat performance of when the faux Obama mesmerised the USA lemmings. I feel helpless and very concerned, just as I did in 2008! Something tells me we in the UK are going to get the British version of Obama. Jeesh, can it get any bluddy worse!
I posted but it disappeared.....second try. Amaros, whoring seems to be embedded in the Liberal Democrats. I was reading an article in the Daily Mail and to my horror, half way down, was this:- Shocking, Clegg and the Liberal Democrat ties (whoring) to AUCHI
The sexy Russian spy in Lib Dem leader hopeful Nick Clegg's past By MARTIN DELGADO and JONATHAN OLIVER Last updated at 01:39 21 October 2007 Nick Clegg, the odds-on favourite to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, is one of the most pro-European Westminster figures of modern times. The 40-year-old high-flyer is a former aide to Brussels Commissioner Leon Brittan, an ex-member of the EU Parliament and last week pledged to back the controversial constitutional treaty which signs away our national sovereignty in up to 60 areas Now it can be revealed how Mr Clegg's passion for all things continental is rooted in his highly exotic family background. Research by The Mail on Sunday has discovered that ancestors on his father's side include a Russian baroness who spied for the Soviet Union and seduced the author H.G. Wells. Meanwhile, his Dutch mother and her parents were interned during the Second World War in a Tenko-style Japanese prisoner-of-war camp in colonial Java. And Mr Clegg, who speaks five languages fluently, is married to a glamorous Spanish lawyer whose father was a conservative senator in the Madrid parliament. Of all the many colourful names in the Clegg family tree it is his greatgreat- aunt Moura Budberg who stands out above the rest. The Russian-born noblewoman was widely suspected of spying for both the Soviet Union and British intelligence. Sensuously beautiful ? and with a distinctly liberal attitude to sex ? her life was full of shadowy entanglements and glamorous liaisons. MI5 was warned by the British Embassy in Moscow in the early Twenties that she was 'a very dangerous woman'. She was mistress to science fiction writer H.G. Wells and the Russian literary giant Maxim Gorky, as well as Robert Bruce Lockhart, probably the most famous diplomat and spy Britain ever sent to Moscow. According to one account she offered sexual favours to a Lubyanka prison commandant after the 1917 revolution to secure her own release. She then took food parcels and books to her lover Lockhart, jailed in a Kremlin dungeon under suspicion of masterminding an attempt to assassinate revolutionary leader Lenin in 1918 and topple the Bolsheviks, before brokering his release. Later she came to know both Lenin and Stalin, once giving an accordion to the great dictator. Budberg was born Maria Ignatievna Zakrevskaya in St Petersburg in 1891. She was one of four children of eccentric tsarist senator and landowner Ignatiy Platonovich Zakrevsky. He was a distinguished lawyer and diplomat who served for a time in London. Budberg's sister, Alexandra, was the mother of Clegg's grandmother, Baroness Kira von Engelhardt, who was born in Russia in 1909. After the revolution, Budberg and her niece Kira both eventually found their way to Britain. Many years later, having restyled herself as a Left-wing socialite based in Knightsbridge, Budberg gave British intelligence a sensational nugget of intelligence which, somehow, they contrived to ignore. In 1951, with Soviet agents Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean both having fled to Moscow, she fell under suspicion. Burgess had regularly visited her apartment and while the secret services had previously discounted rumours that she was a Soviet agent, now she was targeted by British counter-intelligence. MI5 files show that agent Jona 'Klop' Ustinov, father of the actor Peter Ustinov, was sent to interrogate her ? and she was open in what she revealed. He reported: 'The most startling thing Moura told me was that Anthony Blunt, to whom Guy Burgess was most devoted, is a member of the Communist Party.' The treachery of Blunt ? the well respected keeper of the Queen's pictures ? was staring intelligence chiefs in the face, yet it was a further 12 years before he confessed to spying for the USSR. Kira left Russia in 1917, spending her school years in Estonia, and after a short time in Berlin, travelled to England in 1929, eventually settling and marrying an Englishman. The story surrounding the maternal side of the Clegg family is almost as exotic. Mr Clegg's Dutch mother, Hermance van den Wall Bake, endured terrible privations as a child ? not unlike those portrayed in Tenko, the Eighties television series about European women and children incarcerated by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore. Born in 1936 in Indonesia ? then under Dutch colonial rule ? her entire family was taken prisoner when the Japanese imperial army invaded in 1942. Hermance, her two sisters and their mother Louise were sent to one of the worst concentration camps in the capital, Jakarta, while father Hemmy was separated from his wife and children and interned in another part of the jail. The family were freed in 1945 and reunited after three years of appalling hardship. After the war they returned to Holland to rebuild their lives, Hemmy becoming a successful businessman and eventually president of Dutch banking giant ABN. The family, pillars of the Dutch Establishment, were on friendly terms with the country's royal family. In 1956 Hermance visited Cambridge where she met Mr Clegg's father, also called Nick. They married three years later and have four children and eight grandchildren. Hemmy died in 1991 and Louise in 2000. They are survived by a large and closely knit family who still meet every five years for a reunion in Amersfoort, the town near Amsterdam where several members of the van den Wall Bake clan still live. One of Mr Clegg's Dutch cousins, Frank van den Wall Bake, 63, said: 'The war was a terrible time for the family. The children were with their mother but they could only see their father on the other side of the barbed wire. 'They all survived but Hemmy retained a profound hatred for the Japanese for the rest of his life.' Mr Clegg, who was educated at Cambridge and the elite public school Westminster, met his Spanish wife Miriam, a successful international lawyer, while they were both working in Brussels. Her politician father, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Caviedes, died in a car crash four years before she married. The senator was 58 when he suffered a heart attack at the wheel of his car in 1996. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on into an oncoming lorry. Nick Clegg's mother-in-law, Mercedes, still teaches chemistry and physics at the secondary school in the family's home town of Olmedo in central Spain.
Seen this? I wonder if Mr Macshane is aware?
Eeeeek! Nick Clegg, yet another one with a disturbing family history background. Clegg and Obama have a lot in common. Help!!!
Have to agree with you on Colmes! The man makes my skin crawl. He's a total loonytune, besides that, I can't abide his constant leftist spewage drivel. (Wonders if Colmes realises he has a double (in looks and actions only) - Max Keiser ( - Keiser Report)? the likeness is scary! lol
I am in the UK and was watching O'Reily last night - I was hoping he would get pulled up on this - and so he should, the wimp.