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Matt, dude, youre an idiot. Even Ray Lewis couldn't say that? Really? Osi is done dude. Maybe mccoy shouldnt have opened his mouth, but at least what he said was true. 7 straight pussssssssyyyyyyyy
Honestly, all those shirts are better than the phillyphaithful ones. I guess that makes me bandwagon huh?
They are confusing but I'm not so sure you should label anyone with one of them bandwagon? I myself don't have one but I am a proud owner of an "ill" sweatshirt and I know for a fact I'm not bandwagon. After all, your phillyphaithful shirts are the same idea basically. No shit.
Bryce Harper needs to shut his mouth, to me, he's far from intimidating. Oh and, you need to shut your mouth about the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, faggot.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2011 on Bryce Harper Takes a Swipe at YOU at Crossing Broad
Bill Hall, really?
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Jan 9, 2011