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Denise Burks
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Apr 7, 2010
Thanks to Dooce for introducing us! I am a suburban working mom and it was late Wednesday afternoon before I first learned about the tragedy in Haiti. Like many, the internet was the first place I turned. I found pictures of injured children, which haunted me all night. Thank you for helping make this issue a priority in the blogging community. I took a few minutes to read your bio today. My husband, an investment banker, has similar attitudes. He left a big bank, while trading derivatives, to hang his own shingle. At Ansley Capital, a boutique investment bank, he works with small health care technology companies. He loves working with real companies that provide real solutions, instead of trading pieces of paper. (His words, not mine.) And as silly as this may sound to my hard charging high suburban neighbors, he really likes working with "kind" people. Kudos for your work for Haiti. And kudos for your work for the Obama campaign. I appreciate it personally. I look forward to reading more of your work. You have a lovely "kind" voice. Warmest Regards, Denise Burks
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Jan 14, 2010