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eric -- thanks for the shout-out and for a terrific post -- i'm fascinated by the similarity between brands and political campaigns! -- denise lee yohn
totally agree, david! as amazon eyes opening retail stores, it's clear physical space remains a tremendous asset -- if only more retailers would realize this! -- denise lee yohn
david -- i will be attending brite too (wish i had known about your discount before i registered!) as an avid follower of your tweets/blogs, i'd definitely like to meet-up in person. not sure how many people are attending/how hard it is to find people, but perhaps we can arrange to connect and talk about brands, retail, and customer experience?! -- denise lee yohn
really smart stuff, david -- in your book, the quote "Branding and voice mean nothing if they’re not brought to life in a real, meaningful way through the experience" is spot-on -- and speaks to how citibank is bringing the distinctive voice of their ad campaign to life. -- denise lee yohn
great post and great challenge ("take a look at your retail experience from top to bottom") -- agree with the distinction between commodity and experience shopping but don't think it's category-dependent -- retailers in all categories have the opportunity to establish differentiated brand value through their in-store experience. -- denise lee yohn
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Dec 19, 2010