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Thank you so much Mark for this wonderful post. There is one more thing I think Jesus would have said to Santa. He would have praised him for behaving in a Godlike manner by choosing Rudolph to guide his sleigh at night. You see Rudolph had what appeared to be a handicap- A shiny red nose. And he was laughed at and scorned by the other reindeer. Just because of his “affliction” he was looked down upon and ostracized and prohibited from “joining in any other reindeer games” . But Santa saw through that handicap and he realized that Rudolphs red and shiny nose was actually an advantage at night. So he chose him to become the leader of the herd when he took his sleigh for his rounds. This so reminds me of the way God works in elevating who we call the lowly and the social rejects. The bible is full of examples of God choosing the most unlikely people to accomplish His works of greatness. He chose a stuttering murderer full of excuses after hiding in fear for 40 years on the fringes of the desert, to lead his people out of the land of Egypt. It absolutely dumbfounds me to think a man as unlikely as Moses was chosen to carry out a promise God made three hundred years earlier! God chose Gideon- a coward who was threshing grain in hiding and elevated him to a leadership position and with a small army of just three hundred people drove out an overwhelmingly larger occupying force. And Jesus chose the marginalized- the prostitutes, the tax collectors and fishermen to reveal His ministry and to start the most powerful movement the world has ever seen. In Matthew 21:42 Jesus quotes Psalm 118:22 which says “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone”. I don’t know if the writer of that song "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" actually meant it in this way but I am sure Jesus would have complemented Santa Claus for elevating the lowly Rudolph to lead his reindeer herd! Thank you once again Mark for your wisdom and guidance this year. I pray that God may continue to bless you and your Godly family and to enlighten you as you lead the church in 2011 -Denis
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Dec 24, 2010