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Nick Depree
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Mike, I would be very interested to hear your opinion on the quality and style of work curated at - I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a photo accepted there for some time (as the worst kind of enthusiast amateur only, I don't begrudge the site for not accepting anything of mine). It seems to me the curators have a very defined idea of what they want to show, and it is typically very post-processing/concept heavy stuff. Perhaps this is just how it appears to me, and an expert would see differently - but I would be interested to find a good resource for more straight/classic photography, to study and learn in this style rather than practice my photoshopping! Nick
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on Farmer's Rain at The Online Photographer
Has anyone added up votes for/against? I'm very interested in seeing the results (but too lazy to count myself). Given the artist's hypothetical situation, I for one would do it in a heartbeat! As the last likely chance for a major payday, and the promise of a happy retirement... I guess morality should not be relative, but thats a lot easier to say when there isn't $3M on the line, and a sort of justifiable out (A/P'ing the photo).
Toggle Commented May 22, 2011 on Editioning Moral Dilemma at The Online Photographer
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May 22, 2011