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I pray to GOD that Pat McCrory doesn't get re-elected. The consumers and voters of North Carolina needs to know that Pat McCrory is for big Business. He doesn't care about the poor or less fortunate. He cut Medicaid to some of the poorest and people with Disabilities. He pulled some of the best Judges from the Bench and place ones on the bench that would benefit him and his Duke Energy Buddies. He pulled some of the best commissioners from the NC Industrial Commission and place his buddies in there place to benefit him and his Insurance Buddies. The Insurance Companies and others like his old Employer Duke Energy helped him get elected, now he's returning the favor. He place Judge Louis A. Bledsoe, III Special Superior Court Judge for Complex Business Cases because he knew that this Judge would be presiding over Duke Energy ash coal spills. And Insurance, and Banking cases. Very True. Peoples Bank of Conover NC was sued for overdraft protection by reordering transactions and paying highest to the lowest to benefit the Bank in the sum of Millions, while getting from the poorest of there customers. The Banks Lawyer filed a Motion to have the case dismissed, But Judge Calvin Murphy after reviewing all the evidence denied the Banks Motion. So than Governor Pat McCrory removed Calvin Murphy from the Bench and placed Louis A. Bledsoe, III into that position. So the Banks Lawyer resubmitted the Motion to dismiss, and Judge Louis A. Bledsoe III ruled in the Banks favor. It should also be worth noting that Louis A. Bledsoe was a Lawyer for a firm in Charlotte NC and his job was to defend Banks. Seems like to me this would be a conflict of interest. and this Judge should have never being presiding over this case to began with. Vote Pat McCrory out of Office.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2015 on NC Governor's Race Close at Public Policy Polling
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Sep 26, 2015