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Derek Daley
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whats a real shame is that McQueary could really damage that prosecutions case. There are lots of contradiction in his story coming out and the Defense could really poke holes in him on the stand
I think when he witnessed Sandusky that the university told him that they would keep him on staff if he kept his mouth shut
@Da Cuz. I didn't hear the WIP interview. Did Rhea really say that??? She is a bigger idiot than I ever thought. I can't stand her!!!
I find it funny that when Utley make a stupid move like this everyone makes excuses for him and says he has great "hustle"
What is "MIA" on the schedule?
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2011 on Phillies Release 2012 Schedule at Crossing Broad
Royals blog?? So I'm guessing about 5 people read it
I like Miss Mike on 97.5 and the Cuz. I'll have a hard time deciding
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Jul 13, 2011