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Mike, I don't have any specific questions. I just wanted to offer a sincere congratulations. It's nice to hear of your success story. Again, congratulations to you and your team!
Glen, thanks for pointing out that I could have handled the situation just a little better. As you've pointed out, you and I come from very different backgrounds. You went to Officer Candidate School (OCS). When I was in the Marines, I went to Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) School. Without going into more details of our military pasts, those unique paths clearly define us. If I ever had a problem with someone, subordinate or superior, we took off our chevrons and took it outside. Granted, this doesn't translate to the corporate world very well. The enlisted Corps handles itself very differently than officers. It does sound like I'm a bit of a knuckle-dragger. I was trained and I trained other Marines to follow orders without question. Again, this doesn't translate to the corporate world very well. I can't say I've ever heard a complaint, until now. Thanks for keeping others on the straight and narrow.
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...or how long are you willing to wait before you find out you're over budget or out of scope? Just a thought. Regards, Derek
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Glen, perhaps there was a misunderstanding from my post. I never said PMBOK was a method, nor that it was competing with Agile. What I wanted to do was start a conversation about people dismissing something before seeing the opportunity. Project management is not the Pepsi challenge. The point I was trying to make is I don’t want people dismissing an approach (cola) just because it's not their preferred choice (Coke or Pepsi). This may be a poor analogy but it's what I have at the moment. It is my belief it would be a big no-no to try to assimilate and explain all of Agile and Kanban in the PMBOK. But, give them some credit! What I want to see is an accepted Scrum Body of Knowledge or a Kanban Body of Knowledge. If the respective communities agreed to that, there could be a more accepted mapping to the PMBOK without jamming a square peg into a round hole. For those who want more of a background on your graphic above (process groups and knowledge areas), I recommend reviewing page 43 of the PMBOK. I do read the PMBOK on a daily basis and quote it all the time. So there is no misunderstanding, I completely agree that Scrum lives in many of the elements of the PMBOK. In closing, I only drink Coke. Best Regards, Derek
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Ah yes, you have to love the government and the alphabet soup they serve up. The greatest learning curve that I see when someone new comes on board is learning the common acronyms. Having a convergence of federal government AND technology make for an interesting recipe. Regards, Derek
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