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Netflix may let themselves get relegated to an old content service provider as time goes on. Studios will push these agreements until Netflix is only serving content that can't otherwise be monetized.
In a word: Yes. In more than a word: The moment you make it far easier and way less cost prohibitive to pirate movies, the choice becomes clear. Netflix having on time New Releases gave lazy, cheap people a legitimate option to watch new movies. Does anyone really think that after going years without having to leave their house or pay more than their normal Netflix subscription fee, that suddenly leaving the house to pay exorbitant prices is going to beat out three clicks for free? Movie companies need a reality check.
@John Dover I'm confused. As a "hater" of the window policy, I was told to go to Redbox for "new releases" because Netflix "didn't do new releases". Now what am I supposed to do?
Speaking of healthy breakfasts, the donut shop near me makes cheeseburgers, meatball subs, and steak n cheese out of donuts. Fantastic.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on A healthy breakfast at Blankbaby
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"They never claimed to be a new release company anyways." They didn't? Their front page begs to differ: "Classics, New Releases, & TV Episodes" is what they advertise. Shut up. It's not childish whining to criticize a service for doing something negative to their service. On the other hand, whining about people criticizing Netflix actually IS childish whining. Netflix WAS a great deal. With each of these studio agreements, it becomes less of a great deal. That's a legitimate complaint. As for supplementing Netflix with Redbox, that costs me more money per month. I pay Netflix a subscription fee to satisfy all my movie needs. If I need to spend money from another service, that means I take money I budgeted to Netflix to do so. And yes, I'm increasingly considering scaling back my membership to the 1 disc unlimited streaming.
Let's see. In exchange for having to wait a whole extra month for new releases (yeah, I'm one of those INSANE people that actually mostly watches new releases from Netflix, I'm absolutely CRAZY), I'm supposed to get: 1. Increased availability: Not really though. Those WB discs were on "Long wait" for longer than most others. 2. More streaming: WHERE? *looks under rock* The most believable part of these deals is the increased streaming, but if that's the case, what is the point in using anything above the 1 disc unlimited streaming plan? Nothing. Also, the Starz Play programming looks horrendous. I had no other place to vent this. I still have nightmares about it.
if (story.contains("iPhone")) then system.out.println("What about an Android app?"); end if; How many of you are running this? Just curious, because, you know, it doesn't get old or anything.
This will be asinine if they don't release an iPhone/iPod Touch version.
So Netflix signed on for the 28 day delay for more streaming content? Weird. Now BB not only has releases ON TIME but they also have them streaming. Fail Netflix. Fail.
And that is exactly what the studios are hoping for. All they see are potential DVD/Bluray sales instead of rentals as greater profit. If Blockbuster goes out of business, expect movie content piracy to skyrocket (and ironically, sales to actually slump as methods to facilitate that piracy get easier due to larger user base).
Why wouldn't they? Sling is allowed on the iPhone and it's just as much of a competitor if your concern is based in video content competition qualms.
Let's just all face it. Netflix just gave us delayed new releases in exchange for nothing. Fantastic. I'm also really enjoying the Starz Play stuff in standard definition.
They never really dropped late fees. They just gave you a longer rental period. Then they charged you full price for the movie and let you keep it. Of course, you could still return it within 30 days and all it would cost you is a "restocking fee". Excuse me if I don't accept a glass of Blockbuster brand "Lemonade". They don't seem to really understand how to call things what they really are.
Between these delayed releases and about half the movies in the first ten slots of my queue now having Long Wait status, what's the point of Netflix anymore? Using it to catch up on TV shows they have streaming?
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Feb 23, 2010