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Honestly, is the Hoover Institute an institution with any credibility at all? I suppose that it's still possible to believe so, but it doesn't take much experience with the current denizens to conclude they're a bunch of folks happy to provide cover (policy chops from the cynical) for the preferred positions of their sinecures' providers. Its collective product is opinion in search of cherry-picked contortions to "support" them. Every time in the past 15 years I've encountered something written by someone with a Hoover Institute byline I've found myself failing to finish for having found six ways to Sunday that it's just motivated thinking masquerading as insight. I've stopped reading past them.
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It boggles the mind that developers are likely to succeed in this. Anyone familiar with the story of Rock Creek knows why Colorado law provides for consumer protections to the extent that it does (which is to say, poorly, but better than it used to do). If we relent, we'll likely see a failure that kills someone. And no doubt we'll hear that "no one could have foreseen this" when we all know that it's just the result we should have expected.
"Arguments like the one in the WaPo simply throw fuel on their fire." I'd say arguments like WaPo's give aid and comfort to the wicked and disingenuous.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2013 on We Need Better Budget Hawks at Economist's View
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I'm mostly curious what Bernanke's comment to your paper said.
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I don't think that "can" is what's at issue. "Will" seems far more relevant, given our current quality of political discourse.
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Jan 22, 2012