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Clermont-Ferrand, France
‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’
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Shouldn't Commissar Secretary Clinton be dressed appropriately in her muslimah hijab?
Any change I can't get one of these jewels for a bumper sticker? What a great statement about the evil man that inhabits the White House.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2012 on BINGO! at Atlas Shrugs
Great - I love it! Pamela: keep up all of you priceless work in defending liberty and preserving the very foundations of our exceptional Western Civilization against Islamic barbarism and darkness!
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2012 on at Atlas Shrugs
When was the sad day that America lost the moral high ground? We grope for the truth from demonic savages who are driven by a 7th century myth. How very tragic that the once proud U.S. Military has fallen to such a groveling state by affirming the sharia law and making the unholy "holy".
Pamela, I visit your site at least once for each of the 365 days each year! My iPhone 3GS consistently crashes each time I try to load your site so, I have had to rely instead on my MacBook Pro for my daily "Atlas Shrugs Fix". Keep up all your very brave and essential work in spreading the TRUTH and, I will be looking forward to installing your mobil app as soon as it is available. God Bless you, SWEET LADY, and thanks for all you do!
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2011 on Slow Load at Atlas Shrugs
How ironic and sad it is that the late medieval Christian Church of Saint Denis, under the direction of it's innovative Bishop Suger, is also recognized as birth place of what is known as the Gothic style in French architecture - a high point for Western Civilization - now accosted by Muslim barbarian hordes! Sugar's main theologically based premise was divine light and how it might be best translated into spiritually upward lifting Gothic architecture in a place now besmirched with the darkness of Islam.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2011 on The Colonization of France at Atlas Shrugs
Well: I see ol' Scratch has reared his ugly head once more at the U.N. today in his latest attempt to legitimize the false concept of a "Palestinian" State. The same sort of event took place in the 7th century when that Satanic edifice, The Dome of The Rock, took root, perched like a demon, upon the sacred Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Both are and were deceitful attempts to add credibility to a false religion. May the light shine upon the darkness!
The Nazis managed to systematically exterminate 3 generations of "JOOOOOOS" - whats a few rocks thrown at a 2 year old by hate crazed savages from the 7th century? (BASTARDS!) This is a dead-ringer for the Fogel family massacre last February. There is also credible evidence that generations of inbreeding, through perverse sexual mores, causes a net loss on IQ among these stone-age Muslim tribes - something that might go along way to explain this bestial behavior.
Pamela, Your analysis of what is at stake, as we elect our next president, is, as always, excellent and to the point. We need more critical thinkers, such as your self, who morn the loss of American Exceptiism and see the great value of individual rights and human dignity. Instead: we have weak and self-centered leaders who deem greens-time and extravagant family retreats more important than guiding a nation in a severe economic crisis and, all the while, threatened from within and without by ideological enemies that would hurl us back to the stoneage. I attended a local ACT for America meeting this past week and was struck by the fact that the vast majority in that small, patriotic, audiance were, sadly, grey-headed like myself myself. I thought: where are the youth to carry the torch of Constitutionalism and the ideals of American Exceptulism? Who would be left to carry on the fight for freedom? Your prophetic statement came home to me just then when you said: "Those of us who remember freedom and know what it is must therefore fight all the harder.". I DO remember freedom and will accept and carry her burning torch to my dying breath. God help us all!
I learned all I ever needed to know about the hideous slaughter of 3000 innocent people on 9/11 by the hateful, Islamic supremacists after watching this heart rending video "Agnus Dei - A 9-11 Reflection" which is set to the sublimely beautiful, Samuel Barber piece "Adagio for Strings". I challenge you to go and find a quite place, sit down and let it's solemn images and notes wash over you - you will not soon forget.
Reality check, folks, the National Defense Service Medal is virtually meaningless as anyone who serves in the military gets one of those worthless trinkets. Even hateful, stone age, Mohammedans.
Thank you, Pamela, for posting once again material that is extremely suggestive of our time. The White Rose Society could surely serve as an inspiration for all those who love good and hate the pure EVIL that is Islam. Witness 2 million hate filled, Mohammedan, Egyptians chanting for the total demise of Israel after their demonic Friday prayers just last week. Why is it that so few in our pathological age of cultural relativism have the courage to call evil for what it is: EVIL as represented by Satanically inspired Islam as these brave souls of the White Rose Society clearly spoke out against the evil of Nazism 70 years ago in Germany. Where are those who will call evil for what it is? G_d help us!
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2011 on The White Rose Anniversary at Atlas Shrugs
Ahhh, would that Obama's Keystone Cops responded with such vigor after Major Hasan's Islamic inspired cleansing rampage at Ft. Hood!
And it’s perfectly OK for Muslim bus ad campaigns to blaspheme Christianity and Judaism by making the erroneous connection between Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus The Christ and Mohammed – a 7th century, desert brigand and sexual pervert who fancied himself a prophet? Franklin Graham – son of the modern world’s greatest evangelist, Billy Graham – and founder of one the world’s premier beneficent organizations – the Christian based Samaritan’s Purse; is, on the other hand, a great minister of the Gospel (the Good News of Jesus Christ – Son of God) with a Biblically based message which provides hope to a fallen world. I would highly recommend 2 of Franklin Graham's books “Rebel with a Cause” and “The Name”. In trying to exclude Graham's participation in the National Day of Prayer activities, I am, as Christian with Judaic roots, far more offended by 'The Military Freedom Foundation' dhimmitude than any perpetually 'offended' Muslim. John 14:6