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Everything seems to be restored for me and this time it has stayed that way for several hours.
Now my queues are all empty again. Clearly they are having major issues. However, on the bright side I've used Netflix for a decade and this is the first major issue I've ever had.
Bam, everything is suddenly back to normal. Both instant and DVD queues are fully restored. Whew, I hope that sticks. I don't want to have to recreate that queue.
Wow, the situation changed in the last few minutes and now my DVD queue shows no movies at all.
My DVD queue shows "0" movies in it at the top and states that I need to add movies so they can be shipped. However I also still have 435 movies in the queue (they are still there, I can see them still). I also already have my quota of movies already at home. My instant queue is completely blank. It only shows my recent watches.
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Jul 7, 2011