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Leeds, UK
Planner in an ad agency up North and enthusiastic cup-cake baker on the side
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Yup :) although pinching myself when I realise it's been a full year - and longer since the last s'up north... we should all probably do something about that.
Brilliant stuff, thank you. I've been wrestling with a similar thought for a while now (do the right thing, not the quick thing - because otherwise you just end up making more work for yourself) and you've demonstrated that we all need to ask 'why' a few more times in the process, rather than just fixing the problem when it pops up.
Brilliant, and very true – I hadn’t thought about why Compare the Market works in those terms before. When you look at fiction, music, films, art – anything that lasts past the moment and becomes a ‘classic’ - you’re looking at the ones (more often than not) that deal in real emotion; that capture or say something about how real people think and feel. It’s strange that it seems to be something that is harder to put into communications, when it’s probably something that should come more naturally to people...
Interesting thoughts! I was reading something along similar lines this morning - about how rituals can improve performance in sport ( It's an interesting point - the power of the mind vs. the power of technology. And how can research prove whether it is the science or the psychology that's working? Your mention of uniforms got me thinking as well - how it can be used in both the 'typical' sense of the word (police, school etc.) but also how things like lucky charms become part of a uniform for certain activities. Sarah (finally not lurking, and interacting instead - hello!)
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Jan 7, 2011