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Hej John, Nice comment and it made me think. But I do not see what you see from Simon's blog post. First, I question your view that Greece and USA are vibrant democracies. I see the USA much more of a plutocracy today than a democracy. The strongest evidence I have for this was when 70% of the population were for the National Healthcare plan but the House of Representatives were still fighting it tooth and nail, from both parties. The senate I could understand, but the congress no. In this situation, the elected officials were not serving the people that voted them in, They were serving the people that paid for their campaign. So I think the adjective vibrant is a bit false here. The USA may be considered a democracy because people can still vote freely and fairly, but a "vibrant" democracy is overstating it a bit. As for Greece, I am not as compentent to judge, but it is clear some political officials did not act for the people of Greece, and just out right lied to their partner nations. So I think calling Greece a "vibrant" democracy is an overstatement as well. If you want, I will accept great socities, or made great people, or still have the potential to create greatness in the world. But I just can not accept the label "vibrant" democracy for either country, it is an insult to countries that actually do have a"vibrant" democracy. I supppose your upset, that Simon chose to compare these countries to what many in the west consider, "evil". I mean how dare he. But, I do not think he is trying to say either the USA or Greece are going to turn into racial cleansing terroristic dictatorships. But rather these 2 great societies are vulnerable to some very negative vision scenarios. They will not be a Nazi vision. Nor will they be an Al Qaeda vision. But they will be a negative one and one that could hurt these 2 socities even more than they are today, if strong leadrship with a postive vision does not present itself and take control soon. If you watched the European Football championship this year, the background story there was how strong racism still is, especially in the countries with the most financial stress. So I think it is a absolutly fair that Simon make the case he has made, however much we dislike being compared to Nazi Germany or the Al Qeada vision in the middle east. And I think the issue is very much the ingredients that go into the making of such regimes. To think the USA or Greece could not succumb to a downward spiral like Nazi Germany is pure arrogance. Otherwise, I liked what you wrote. As I said it made me think and question you and Simon. :)
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Jul 10, 2012