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Recent Activity I too late? Is it possible to see the class list first - and are there kits available? I see that content is only available for a limited time after class - is it downloadable for later?? Hope to hear from you ;-) Thanks.
Hi Lynn, your treasures are fantastic and you look so cute in those sunglasses ! The fruits are making my mouth water, have never seen any like this and wondering where you are located? Fly by anytime Blog: or "like" my Fan/Biz page
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2010 on What's New? at Lynn's Treasures's blog
virus - dirty word! Can't wait to hear about your travels, I'm just making my way around visiting and supporting those in our by some time.
Jenny, quite generous and of course we are all addicted to good books ;-) Can never have enough! I would love to be the lucky girl that wins this Giveaway - for sure.
I really enjoyed this post, thank you so much for sharing the idea as well as the process. The product isn't available in my State, but I will check and see if they have mail order or will watch for it when I travel. I really enjoyed this post, thanks again!
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Well, there is one common denominator here and that is that the only people that haven't signed up are the ones that are out of funds (evidenced by the comments here). You can be sure that anyone that has the $ to sign up would NOT miss this amazing opportunity!! Including ME ;-) I look longingly at your site everyday (drooling) and brainstorming hoping that before it's too late a miracle will occur and I'll be able to sign up like all the other lucky individuals that have done so. Therein lies the problem, I am soooo not lucky! I am restarting my blog and wanting to paint again and do more collage, stretch my imagination - selected a new name for my biz and am stepping out there on faith that this could be my chance. Could it be? I sure hope so! Thank you for offering this amazing gift to one "lucky" gal.
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Thanks so much for your generous open heart. Love flying with you ;-) Beauuuuutiful blog! is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 15, 2010