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Dean Esmay
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I really thought it was Digby who was sliming here.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2006 on Angling Towards Slime at Cobb
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Wow. So Deep Blade actually believes that we have no support among the Iraqi people, and that if we cease to fight the fascist aggressors in Iraq and unilaterally withdraw, the Iraqis will peacefully create a new democratic order on their own? And that they won't wind up dominated by some dictatorial thug instead? And if Iraq does wind up taken over by another religious or secular fascist, we should still pay reparations? To that dictator? And why is it that I believe that if we DID pay "reparations" to whatever undemocratic fascist strongman took advantage of the power vacuum to seize power in Iraq upon our exit, if we DID pay those "reparations," 20 years from now fools like Deep Blade would be saying we created that strongman, we armed him, we paid him money, so now anything he does is our fault too? Why not, it'd be as arguable as the absurd notion that we created Bin Laden in the first place--we helped Afghan rebels against the Soviet occupation of rape and murder, and so as a result of that we're at fault for Bin Laden? Appalling. Wallsy is even more amusing. Women in Afghanistan and Iraq now enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of press, the right to vote in genuine competitive elections, and the right to hold public office, all things they were denied before. Denying all of this is what's genuinely Orwellian. Deep Blade and Wallsy are just typical fascist sympathist, fascist apologist, fascist-empowering fools who see everything through a childish "whatever America does is wrong" lens. It's such a nice, simple, easy worldview, and so easy to paint everything in those terms...
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2005 on The Pro-War Consensus at The Cool Blue Blog
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